Oku Recently Sent His Film To South Bend

Notre Dame assistant coach Rob Ianello contacted four-star running back David Oku soon after his outstanding junior season ended. The Irish assistant requested film from the slick 5-foot-10, 188-pound standout from Carl Albert High in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

It's taken awhile, but Ianello should have it now.

David Oku said he had to put together the tape himself, and he finally just mailed a copy to Notre Dame.

"I tried to call him the other day," Oku said. "They said he stepped out. I'll try and call him early tomorrow."

Thirteen college programs have called Oku and offered him a scholarship. He reported written offers from the likes of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Michigan, Auburn, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas Tech, Tulsa and Minnesota.

There are certainly more on the way, but Oku has most of the ones he wants. However, there are still a few more he is hoping for.

"LSU, Oregon, USC, Notre Dame, Clemson, West Virginia and Illinois, I think that's it," Oku reeled off.

"I have no favorites. I'm just waiting until I get offers from the schools I want to get them from. Then I'll start making a list and cutting. I really won't start evaluating schools until summertime because I have spring ball coming up in May. I need to make sure I take care of that and my grades. In the summertime I'll start worrying about schools."

Oku has definitely been a player the opposition has had to worry about on Friday nights.

Earning All-City honors the past three years, the agile and fast Oku rushed for 1,628 yards and 20 touchdowns last season. He runs the 40-yard dash in 4.48 seconds and bench presses 275 pounds. His squat is a ridiculous 535 pounds.

"I just break tackles," Oku stated. "From what I can tell, some of the teams we play against, some won't even tackle. Some don't want to tackle me. I'm not the best thing in the world. I'm just fighting defenses and some people won't even tackle, I just get right past them. I break tackles and get away from people.

"I guess I'm a high school Joe McKnight. My school doesn't really pass the ball. I never get the opportunity, I can catch the ball or line up in the slot. I know that I can really do that. I can be a difference maker in the running game and the passing game in college."

Oku said he was invited to among others, Notre Dame's junior day last month, but he couldn't attend. He did make it to Oklahoma's, and isn't sure where he'll be tripping to over the next couple of months.

"We just can't set any dates," Oku explained. He has also been to Auburn and Oklahoma State. " We have to check our own spring practice dates and see what's good for us. But I will take a few unofficial visits."

Oku has never been to South Bend, but has kept up with the Irish.

"Yeah, I really like them," he said. "The record they had this past year didn't bother me at all. Tradition. They got tradition. I know they're on TV every week. They had (Brady) Quinn, but they haven't had a Reggie Bush or a Rashard Mendenhall at that position in awhile. They're up and coming."

So is Oku's academics.

"I got a reality check, and realized if I want to play college football, I had to step it up in the classroom. It took me a cool minute"

Oku currently has a 2.3 GPA, and he scored a 14 on the ACT. That's up from a 1.9 and a 10 the first time around.

"Everything is getting on track."

Oku is really trying to better himself by October or November. That's when he wants to verbally commit somewhere.

"A place that feels like home," Oku said. "Just where I feel comfortable and cool, where I don't have to worry about too much."

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