Practice Report: 3-28

The Notre Dame football team was back inside the Loftus Center on Friday, for the second practice of the spring. The Irish players were in helmets and shorts. Irish Eyes had a few staff members viewing.

Here is what they saw.

Mike Frank

Not a lot to give at this point because the main viewing time we saw was with the team lining up in full O and full D and running a few plays (not against each other). Just running plays.

The way they lined up today was the same as the depth chart released on Wednesday, so I didn't see much of a change.

Pat Kuntz was at practice today with a full head of hair. Weis came over to make sure we knew he was there and was busting on Kuntz, of course, as that's his guy. You can tell Weis loves Kuntz. He's always picking on him.

I didn't see Kerry Neal today. He wasn't working with the linebackers. Wasn't on the bike either. Not sure if he was somewhere on the other side of the field or maybe working with DL, but I didn't see him.

Also watched John Tenuta for quite some time. He's everything I thought he'd be. I told Angel our practice video will be rated R, sorry. Lots of footage of him working with the linebackers.

He barked quite a bit, but he also congratulated people when they did well. Seems like the perfect football coach to me, but then gruff and foul language never bothers me.

Brian Smith actually turned to me and smiled when he was bombing on one guy, but then Smith screwed up his rep when it was his turn and Tenuta let him know that.

Tenuta seemed to really be enjoying himself. Smiling a lot more than I thought he would. Seems to fit in great with the staff as he and Jappy Oliver were kind of giving each other a hard time.

Watched Jimmy Clausen throw with quarterbacks coach Ron Powlus for just a bit. He is much thicker in the upper body. Seemed to be throwing, moving fine.

That's about it because most of it was them lining up as a full unit on offense on one side of the field and then lining up as a full unit on the other half of the field and running plays. The defense did the chase drill where they all chase a running back to the sidelines that is often seen in practice videos.

Lorenzo Reyes

Irish prospect, LB Carlo Calabrese, was watching from the sidelines. He seemed to be enjoying himself and having a good time. At one point coach Rob Ianello walked over to Calabrese and his parents and chatted for a bit.

To start the practice, the players were doing agilities to warm up.

Once the stretching period started, the players paired up. The mood seemed relaxed. Coach Ruben Mendoza led the charge, signaling the different stretches.

Coach Weis walked over to coach Powlus and they talked and laughed for a bit. Much like the first day of practice, Powlus went over to Jimmy Clausen to talk some strategy during the stretches.

David Grimes was singing during the stretches, but I must say, he should stick to football. Some of the other players were ragging on his singing talents and joking about it.

Corwin Brown stopped to chat with Raeshon McNeil for a couple of minutes.

In the corner of the field, Tenuta and Jappy Oliver seemed to be engaged in a complex discussion about formations, moving their hands and signaling certain players.

Armando Allen and James Aldridge were stretching together and coach Bernie Parmalee stopped to have a word with them.

John Ryan was sidelined but still hanging around doing some light footwork drills.

It appears as though some of the players have been working on their Spanish. During the stretching, some of them kept saying, "que rico."

The huddle broke enthusiastically and the players split for their position drills.

First and second teams on offense were working on their starts, with the quarterback simply handing off the ball with no defense. Aldridge was the #1 back and Allen was second.

The defense was lining up in the 3-4 and working on the pursuit of the ball-carrier to the outside.

Harrison Smith looks like he's filled out but still has his quickness.

The D-line went to hit the sled, as Jappy and Weis stood behind them. Jappy said, "I wanna see fast hands. Bring 'em up and hit the sled hard."

Corwin was working on the defensive backs backpedaling and then breaking forward. Some of the players started to anticipate when he would call for the break, so Corwin said, "Don't guess. Don't guess."

Terrail Lambert looks as though he focused on his conditioning in the off-season. He looks as though he's packed on some muscle.

After a backpedal drill, David Bruton said, "Too quick. We're just too quick."

The second team anticipated Corwin's break again, and they messed it up. Corwin replied, "Don't anticipate it. Don't guess. Do it again."

Raeshon's footwork looked impressive and Corwin agreed. "Raeshon is like the technique machine."

Coach Haywood was working with the running backs. They were lining up and then pushing each other. "Nice, James. Good solid punch. Make him feel it," Haywood said as Aldridge worked on Armando.

Jerry Strabley

Most of my time today was spent watching the defensive line. Coach Jappy Oliver started out by having them charge as he dropped back with the ball; then he yelled pursuit and the entire defense took off after a runner that had been stationed along the sideline. This drill was repeated several times with pursuit both to the right and left. Jappy was yelling at the players: go-go-go-dig-dig.

The defensive line moved over to the five-man sled and took several reps using different techniques.

Jappy started out standing on the back of the sled while yelling out instructions: thrust don't leap, keep your arm in tight, explode, rock it.

Coach Weis joined Jappy on the back of the sled and told some of the players to keep head and eyes up, hit on two feet, no hitches, stay low, elbows in tight.

Jappy left the sled and stood behind/beside players with such comments: the power is in your legs not your arms, practice good technique, make it a power step, hit on two feet, keep eyes up. As this drill ended, Coach Oliver said it wouldn't hurt some of you to practice these techniques on your own.

Observations: Lots of chatter and enthusiasm by players and coaches. Coach Powlus spent several minutes during the stretching to talk with Clausen.

Coach Ianello talked and kidded with receivers and Coach Haywood was back and forth with several players and coaches.

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