Irish Eyes Transcript: Corwin Brown

The team practiced in full pads for the second time. Following practice, Defensive Coordinator Corwin Brown met with the media.

What can you tell us about the couple of days in full pads?

"We've got some work to do but I think eventually we'll be okay but we've got some work to do. There are some things we need to clean up, defensively get on the same page, sort of shore-up some things, but it's been okay."

You're about a third of the way through spring ball. Does it seem like it's a whirlwind now and you have to stay real focused to get the most out of the time that's left?

"Yeah, because you can't afford to waste days/time; it's one of those deals where every time you're out there, there are certain things you are trying to get accomplished. When you don't accomplish what you set out to do, it's almost like you can't get that day back."

What have you seen and what do you expect from Gary Gray?

"He's a young guy and he's got a lot to learn, which I kind of expected, but he'll be okay."

Are you beginning to get some thoughts on the younger players?

"Yeah, all of the guys, I'm learning about a lot of those young guys, especially the young guys that didn't play much. You kind of see their thought process and how they think, you know, starting to know what will get them in trouble, what they do best, which is good; so that's a good thing."

Is Darrin Walls playing more physical?

"Yeah, he's playing more physical but it's just like anything else, you want them to constantly press the issue because you really don't know how high his ceiling is. I've been around some pretty good corners, played with them, coached them, so he's got a high ceiling. He's just got to press the issue to get there. We won't play guys who aren't physical. He hit some guys toward the end of last year so that's not even a question."

Does he remind you of anyone that you have worked with?

"His style of play kind of reminds me of Troy Vincent. I watched Troy a lot in college and in the league. He's got a lot of tools, so we'll see."

Could you talk about Kyle McCarthy and some of the things you like about him?

"Like I say, everybody for the most part has done things well and there is still room for improvement. He's a guy that didn't play a ton last year, he played some; so anytime you're in that situation, experience is the best teacher. The more experience he gets, the better he will be. He's okay, he's doing well."

How is Morrice Richardson doing?

"Mo is playing well right now. He's playing well, and just like I said, he's just like any other guy, they're out there doing some things well, but at the same time there are certain things that we still need to clean up. He's playing well and he's got a good motor right now. When you have a good motor, that's a good starting point. He's got a really good motor."

Have these practices been more physical than in the past?

"They've been more physical already this year. I think that's good for us because it allows us to establish ourselves and set a tempo and a tone and set a bar as to how we want to play and what we want to do."

By being more physical, is it easier to see which guys are doing well?

"Absolutely, because when you're playing patty cake, you really don't know what guys are going to do. When you're allowed to go hit somebody in the mouth, guys that do it, it's good. So that's a good thing."

When do you think you will have a better read on some of these guys?

"I don't know, it's still early, but probably in another week I'll know more because it's really only been two days of full pads. But we have got after it pretty good early but you want it to be perfect."

Can you talk about Charlie's involvement with the defense?

"He's in meetings and he's watching drills now so there definitely is a presence which is always good. When the head coach comes into your meeting, that's good. When your head coach is watching your individual drills, there's no negative to that. Because it puts the players on alert and it makes sure the coaches are doing what they are supposed to do and what you should be doing anyway. But there are no negatives to that and it's a good thing."

How is this different from last year and Charlie coming into meetings?

"If he comes in, he really doesn't say much. He is just observing so he has a better post of what's going on. He can see how kids are interacting in meetings and answering questions and if they are taking notes and if they understand. So it's good."

You mentioned earlier you had some things to clean up. Could you be more specific?

"Technique-wise like running pressure and running stunts; like I want it perfect right now. We want guys when they blitz, to blitz perfect right now with the right departure angles and running the right gaps. If I'm a cover guy, I want the transition at the right time; I want to stay on top when I'm supposed to. I want to pass things when I'm supposed to." Top Stories