Thomas won't visit ND officially

Wisconsin offensive line prospect Joe Thomas has already visit three schools officially. He has two visits left and is trying to decide on his final two. Why is Notre Dame not getting an official visit?

Joe Thomas has already visited Nebraska, Virginia Tech and Colorado. I asked Joe which schools will get his final two visits. "I am not sure. I have decided to wait until my season is over to schedule my final two schools. I really can't decide who the final two are at this point. Stanford, USC, Tennessee, Kansas and Missouri are at the top of the list right now."

Joe has told me in the past that Notre Dame and Wisconsin will not get official visits. I asked him about that. "I have already been to both schools a number of times. I went to Notre Dame camp, I went to a Notre Dame game last year. I already went on an unofficial visit to Wisconsin earlier this year. I am going to go to Notre Dame unofficially as well. It will be to either a football or basketball game. I thought I would take my official visits to schools I haven't seen before."

I asked Joe about his three visits and which school he liked the best. "At first, I thought it was Nebraska. They have such a great tradition and their fans are the best. Their football atmosphere is great. As far as my favorite school, I would say that is Colorado. I really liked it there. I liked the town, the school and everything about it."

Joe hasn't forgot about Notre Dame or Wisconsin at this point however. "They are at the top of the pack right now. I wouldn't say one or the other is the leader but they are at the very top. It's going to be a very hard decision for me because I also like the other schools I have visited as well. They are all pretty close."

Joe said he would likely take his final two visits. He plans to announce his decision in early January.

Comments. ND is still sitting good here. I hope they can get him on an official but they can do have to get him to ND at least on an unofficial I think. I think it's very close right now but I like ND's chances here. Top Stories