Brown still deciding on his final visit

<P>Texas corner prospect Tarell Brown has a few visits set up. He has narrowed his list down quite a bit. Will he visit Notre Dame?

I spoke with Tarell Brown last night. Tarell is a great kid who is always a joy to talk to. He is having a monster season so far rushing for 1500 yards and 28 total touchdowns. He also has three interceptions on defense this year.

I asked Tarell how his visits were coming. "I already visited Ohio State. I am going to visit Texas A&M this weekend. I think my final three visits will be Texas, Florida State and Notre Dame." Tarell has always said FSU and Texas are considered his leaders so I asked him if anyone was to be bumped, it would likely be Notre Dame. "Well, yeah I guess. I do plan to visit there. I am just not sure if that is the right school for me. I like Notre Dame, I like Coach Willingham, I am just not sure if that is the right school for me."

Tarell says he will likely be setting his final three visits in the next week or so.

Comments. I think Notre Dame has a long way to go with Tarell. I am not sure what he doesn't like about Notre Dame but it appears he thinks he won't likely fit in well there. I hope they can get him to visit and see if that changes his mind. I am going to guess that Notre Dame gets bumped here unless they address whatever concern he has about Notre Dame. Top Stories