Practice Report: 4/7

Despite a beautiful South Bend day, the Notre Dame football team practiced inside the Loftus Center on Monday.

Irish Eyes had a few staff members present. Here is what they saw.

Mike Frank

Kevin White was present.

Head coach Charlie Weis spent a good portion of the stretching talking with Jimmy Clausen and Evan Sharpley. He was talking about their internal body clock and how long to hold onto the ball. He talked to them about throwing the ball out of bounds.

I walked over to watch the O-linemen in individual drills. Taylor Dever was not participating as the team ran through the bag drills.

Offensive line coach John Latina was in a particularly ornery mood today making many people do their reps over in the first individual drills.

He told Paul Duncan "Your back leg is too wide" and made him take another rep.

Dever did participate in this drill, so it must be a side-to-side motion he was having problems with.

Andrew Nuss got an earful when screwing up a rep. "you're too wide. I'm running inside zone here. Do it again."

Weis came over and watched the O-linemen for a good portion. It basically was setting up an initial block on a D-lineman to get off a block and go find a backer. The O-line spent the entire first period working on this with Weis looking on for most of it.

Mike Ragone was practicing what appeared to be full go at tight end, although they mainly work on blocking technique in the first period. But he was moving fine from what I saw.

I didn't see Luke Schmidt today out there.

Fullback Asaph Schwapp was going through the bags today, which he wasn't the other day. Did note a grimace on his face though when running through.

Although, Weis WAS NOT happy when the team broke the huddle to run to their first individual drill, I couldn't see who it was he was angry with, but he yelled for them to get off the field. He was NOT a happy guy. Basically said it was the start of practice and if they didn't want to practice they had to get off the field.

Lorenzo Reyes

Darrin Walls and Gary Gray seemed fired up, as stretching started.

Quarterbacks coach Ron Powlus stopped by to chat with Jimmy Clausen and Evan Sharpley as he usually does during stretching. Shortly after, Weis stopped by the trio to chime in and they shared a laugh.

Coach Brian Polian stopped by and told Sharpley that he would be holding for the righty field goal kicker. I'm assuming it's in reference to a walk-on.

Coach Bernie Parmalee stopped by Walls and Gray to have a few words.

The players overall seemed focused as there was less chatter than usual.

After the players huddled, I saw running backs and linebackers.

The running backs started running over the bags, but they seemed to have a case of the Monday's. If the drill wasn't to his standards, Haywood would stop it, as he did several times and tell them to do it over. "I see a lack of focus. I know it's Monday and you don't want to be here, but we've got to get better," Haywood said.

Parmalee watched on and chimed, "Don't kill the bags. Just run through them."

Weis stopped by and seemed unpleased by what he saw. "Just in case you were wondering, we're not babying anyone around here anymore," he said.

Haywood was getting on Mike Ragone in the drill. "Ball security, Ragone. High and tight, keep it high and tight." On a separate occasion, he barked, "Get past that cone, Ragone. Come on baby boy, let's pick it up."

I also overheard Parmalee say, "You're lucky I ain't got no pads on," to one of the backs as they went through the bags.

I then walked over to assistant coach Jon Tenuta and the linebackers. They were working on departure angles, and wrapping up ball carriers. "Put you're face on the ball," Tenuta yelled out to Crum when he saw his helmet in a wrong location. Overall, Tenuta wasn't as harsh, and seemed to be pleased with his unit.

One thing I did notice that should be interesting to watch for in the future was that Harrison Smith was working with the linebackers. I guess they're just trying to get him on the field at some point this season with the relative lack of depth at LB, or they're trying to use his talents at the best possible position.

Sam Werner

Ron Powlus and Jimmy Clausen were yet again going over reads during stretching. Charlie Weis came over for a bit and Jimmy seemed to ask Powlus and Weis an extended question.

At one point during stretches, Evan Sharpley said to Clausen, his partner, "I figured it'd be a good idea if I come in every once in a while." Sharpley has missed extended time this spring due to baseball.

The WRs and QBs split off and did some initial agility work on the bags.

The WRs then split off to work on getting a good jump off the snap, while the QBs tossed some footballs around.

At one point when the QBs were throwing, injured defensive end John Ryan sprinted by with a football in his hand, presumably coming from another drill, and let out a loud yell. When he was running back, Clausen said to him, "The big C, baby, the big C"

Powlus instructed all the QBs to work on throwing with their momentum going forward into the pass.

The QBs then worked on their five-step drops.

The WRs worked on catching drills, and everyone caught every pass.

Receivers coach Rob Ianello got on Golden Tate a bit, telling him he needed to have more of a "burst" out of his cuts and needed to "explode" more. Top Stories