Practice Report 4/11

The Notre Dame football team practiced in shorts, shells and helmets on Friday inside the Loftus Center.

Irish Eyes had a couple staff members in attendance.

Mike Frank

Not very lively or spirited practice for the bit we saw. Everyone seemed kind of low-key to begin the practice.

ND has a scrimmage on Saturday, so that is most likely the reason why.

Not a lot of jokes or banter heard during stretching.

Didn't see anyone on the bikes today. Did see Maurice Crum back. Didn't find Luke Schmidt, but wasn't down on that end the entire time.

After the stretching and the team meeting at the middle of the field the defense broke once again to run their pursuit drill.

I heard Corwin Brown yell "First string" and this was the unit that lined up when he did.

Emeka Nwankwo, Ian Williams, Kerry Neal and Morrice Richardson on the d-line. Brian Smith was the Mike, Mo Crum and Harrison Smith were the outside backers. Couldn't tell strong or weak as there was no tight end. DBs were unchanged with Darrin Walls, Kyle McCarthy, David Bruton and Terrail Lambert.

The second unit only consisted of 10 players. My guess is the 11th is supposed to be Kallen Wade, who was not present at the time. The 10 were Sean Cwynar, Paddy Mullen and Justin Brown on the line. Scott Smith, Maurice Crum, Steve Quinn and at LB. Raeshon McNeil, Sergio Brown, Ray Herring and Gary Gray in the secondary.

After the pursuit drill the team split with their position coach for first individual.

The linebackers were on the other side of the field, so I didn't get any good Jon Tenuta quotes, but they were running a scoop drill trying to pick up loose fumbles and run.

The DBs were doing their usual backpedal.....same stuff different day.

Jappy Oliver was once again a very vocal and intense man with the D-line. The D-linemen were running an agility drill where they had to come off the ball based on an actual movement of a ball, and then loop around.

Jappy Oliver is not a happy guy, and you can tell he's not pleased with the effort. More than a few guys had to do pushups. He was definitely giving the D-linemen an earful.

Saturday is a scrimmage, so it's always a slow day the day before. But not a lot of excitement out there today.

Jerry Strabley

There did not seem to be as much chatter and noise during the warm up period.

Pat Kuntz received a big hug from Coach Mike Haywood when he walked onto the field.

The coaches walked around and talked to players as they did their stretches.

When the team broke the huddle at the center of the field, the offense lined up to run a straight hand-off play. On the first play the O-Line was Paul Duncan, Eric Olsen, Dan Wenger, Sam Young, Chris Stewart. James Aldridge, Robert Hughes, Armando Allen alternated with this group

When the offense went to individual drills, the O-line started with one-on-one blocking and there was some real hitting and driving with the encouragement of coach John Latina.

Stewart, Robinson, Olsen, Young, and Wenger had some good battles.

The running backs did the usual bag drills and coach Haywood reminded them to keep eyes up, drive all the way through, and hold the ball tight.

The backs moved on to the individual sled and Asaph Schwapp led off and really slammed it. Coach Haywood called out that is the way it is supposed to be done.

Golden Tate was at practice but Evan Sharpley and Eric Maust are with the baseball team this weekend.

Head coach Charlie Weis is flying to Denver for the Frozen Four Championship tomorrow. Top Stories