Brown Blowing Up Brown

For awhile there, Corey Brown didn't have Notre Dame among his college favorites. Something recently changed that.

Corwin Brown is what changed that.

"I like that school a lot," Corey Brown said. "They jumped in there when coach Brown came to the school."

That was over a week ago. Since then, with the amount of time they spend on the phone together, the top-100 athlete should consider putting the Irish defensive coordinator in his Fave Five.

"This week I've talked to him three times, and I talked to him (Tuesday) night," Brown said. College coaches can't call recruits, but the prospects can call them. "He is talking about their defense and stuff, and how they want me to play corner there. The school's academics, and the history behind everything.

"He said I'm a tall physical corner that can get in the receivers faces, like when we play USC every year.

"He is a cool guy. I'm looking at that school hard."

The 6-foot-2, 185-pound Brown may get a chance to look at Notre Dame for the first time in person this month. On May 16th, he is traveling with his parents, godparents and a Gateway coach to Michigan's campus. They're going to try and hit Notre Dame on the way home.

With that, Brown has narrowed down over 30 scholarship offers to a few favorites. They are the Irish, the Wolverines, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, North Carolina and Florida.

This past season, Brown had 54 tackles and five interceptions. With his 4.5 speed, he also caught 23 passes for 500 yards and two touchdowns. Some programs envision Brown as a pass catcher on the next level. He has said he has no position preference.

Besides all the conversations with Brown, Brown recently got a chance to talk with Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis again. The last time he talked to the Irish's fourth-year head coach was when he offered a scholarship back in February.

"We were talking about how it is up there and how he wants to get me up there, and how I'll be a good fit," Brown explained.

Brown isn't the only reason why Notre Dame has found itself among Brown's favorites.

"Because of the school history of the football team, and I think they're going to be really good in the next couple of years," Brown explained. "They're coming together." Top Stories