More Offers on the Way?

May evaluation is a time for college coaches to take a good hard look at many of the nation's top prospects and find ways to fill some holes in their current team. The Irish coaching staff has been out for a number of weeks working the various high schools across the country. Where might we see some action in the near future?

Offers, offers, offers……Irish fans love offers. They'll get their wish soon, but we may have to wait just a bit before more offers will be on the way. Why? It's evaluation time, and it's time to find the best available guys in the country who also have the grades to enroll in Notre Dame. There are plenty of great prospects out there, but not all are qualified for Notre Dame.

This is the time the qualifying begins. Usually Notre Dame will have some luck and high school coaches will have sent the transcripts of prospective players and game films earlier in the year, but that's not always the case. And, Notre Dame would only have grades through their first semester of each prospect's junior year.

For borderline players, that's not enough information to know if a player will be able to qualify for Notre Dame. Furthermore, a good number of these top prospects haven't taken the SAT or ACT test yet, so this all takes time. Some schools will send out "conditional offers" that state a player will have a scholarship if they meet X standards of academics. Notre Dame doesn't do that often, especially with borderline prospects.

Also, the staff has to watch each prospect as a staff to decide which players to offer, and they can't do that until they're all off the road.

So the process takes time, but we should see some action with more offers on the way, but at which positions? Let's take a look at where the Irish are standing right now on the offensive side of the ball.

There will definitely be at least one new offer coming at quarterback. The Irish offered some prospects early, but didn't have much luck gaining their interest. Notre Dame has targeted a number of players that they've visited already this May. We've heard at least five quarterbacks will be looked at including Allan Bridgford, Ryan Mossakowski, Adam Budmayr, Morgan Newton and Richard Brehaut. Nobody is sure who will get offered yet, but it will likely come from these five players unless another elite guy is discovered along the way.

The Irish are set at running back with two commitments in Theo Riddick and Cierre Wood, but don't be surprised if a fullback is offered at some point. Asaph Schwapp will exhaust his eligibility, and that will leave only Steve Paskorz as the lone fullback at this point. No names have surfaced, but we might see some names soon.

The Irish will likely only take one wide receiver in this class unless two elite prospects show up on their doorstep. Right now the Irish really only appear to be in on Memphis wide receiver Marlon Brown and Texas standout Uzoma Nwachukwu. Nwchukwu has said he'll visit this summer, and the Irish appear to be staying in the race for Brown. However, more names will likely be added here in the future. Texas receiver Emory Blake may be a guy to keep an eye on, and he may be taking a visit to Notre Dame soon. Also, Louisiana star Reuben Randle is a guy the Irish might make a run at.

Tight end appears wrapped up at this point with the commitment of Jake Golic. To my knowledge Notre Dame is only seeking one tight end in the 2009 recruiting class.

Offensive line will be critical, as I've been saying for quite some time. For the Irish to get back to the top, they must land another group of talented offensive linemen. Notre Dame has cast a pretty large net already, but I expect more names surface in the near future.

Left tackle is a big need for the Irish, and they appear to be doing well with two prospects in Xavier Nixon and Xavier Su'a-Filo. However, since it is a big need, you may see Notre Dame offer another left tackle prospect in the future.

The Irish do have a good shot at other offensive linemen at this point. Players such as Eric Shrive, Chris Watt and Alex Bullard are the most likely candidates, but again, I think you'll see a few more offers roll out at the end of May when all is said and done.

I don't know the exact number of offers that we'll likely see sent out once the May evaluation period ends, but I do think you'll see at least one quarterback offer go out, possibly a fullback offer, most likely two wide receiver offers (if not more), and my guess would be probably three more offensive line offers on offense.

Notre Dame appears to be in pretty good shape thus far on the offensive side of the ball. I'd say the only position of worry at this point would be wide receiver, but the Irish only need to land one elite guy here to fill their need at that position. If Notre Dame continues on the path they currently are, they should sign a nice offensive class in 2009.

Note: Tomorrow we'll take a look at the defensive side of the ball. Top Stories