Bell Going National

This past fall, cornerbacks and safeties in Louisiana cringed when seeing Rayville High looming on the schedule.

Four-star standout, LSU signee, and arguably the state's best player Chris Tolliver lined up as one receiver. On the other side, junior Kenny Bell.

"I believe he was a big help to my success in being good this year," Bell said. "He taught me a lot."

Bell was actually Rayville's leading receiver last season, hauling in 58 passes for 989 yards and 12 touchdowns. And like it did for Tolliver, the recruiting attention has started to blow up for the 6-foot-2, 170-pound playmaker with 4.45 speed in the 40-yard dash (LSU camp).

"When LSU offered me a scholarship, I said I thought I was going to be big then," Bell said.

That was early this year, and Bell was right.

Bell has also been offered a scholarship by Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Tulsa, Louisiana-Monroe and Louisiana Tech.

"I'm interested in all the schools that offer me," the four-star Bell said. "I wouldn't mind going anywhere to play."

Soon, Bell might have another big-time opportunity on the table. Notre Dame offensive coordinator Mike Haywood dropped by his school last week, leaving his card behind.

"That was the first time I've heard from them," Bell said. He is also hearing from Georgia and Michigan. "It was a surprise to see that Notre Dame had interest in me. It was exciting to me to see them come from up there to come see me."

"I don't know much about them. I kept up with them when they had Brady Quinn. I know they had a bad record this year."

Bell had a bad ending to his track season this year. He posted times of 10.5 seconds in the 100-meter dash, and 21.6 in the 200. Those are two of the fastest times in the area, but Bell wasn't able to participate in the state tournament.

"I didn't run because I strained my hamstring," Bell said. "I wanted to make sure I'd be healthy for football. It's getting healthy and now I'm in spring football.

A lot of college recruiters have been by to watch.

"They just say they like my speed and my ability to catch the ball and make plays after I make the catch," Bell explained.

Bell has had the opportunity to visit LSU, Alabama and Mississippi State. He is going to try and camp at those places, as well as Mississippi, Nebraska and Michigan this summer.

Bell has a 2.6 GPA and scored a 17 on his ACT. He will retake the test in June.

While Tolliver was a huge assistance to Bell on the football field, he has also been one of the reasons why Bell hasn't rushed into a verbal commitment to LSU.

"Chris has been a big help with me through this whole process, him my Mom and my brother. They told me to take my time and see where you feel at home and where you can see yourself playing at.

"All the schools are equal to me. I'm looking for a school I can get a good education, where I can see myself learning, cultured, and a place I can play at."

Bell wants to find that place by July. Top Stories