Irish commitment Gardner ends season

<P>Virginia Beach star Isaiah Gardner had a rough senior season. His season has been frustrating as he had to sit out 3 games with an injury and a suspension. He was very impressive in the 7 games he did play. I talked to Isaiah about his season and his visit to Notre Dame. </P>

"I was just happy to get back playing. It was a very frustrating season. The suspension was tough but I was happy I could get back playing. I couldn't even be around school. I was suspended for 10 days." Isaiah and I didn't talk about the particulars because Notre Dame is fine with the situation. "I am just glad it's over and nothing bad came out of it."

Even with all the frustrations, Isaiah managed to have a good season. "I only played in 7 games. I rushed for 1068 yards and 18 touchdowns. I averaged 9 yards per carry. Our team finished 7-3."

Isaiah is excited about visiting Notre Dame on December 6th. "I can't wait to get up there. Coach Willingham has been great all year and I want to meet the rest of the staff and the players. I am really looking forward to the visit. I won't visit any other school. It will be just Notre Dame."

I asked Isaiah if the coaches have talked to him about where he is going to play. "Yeah, we have been talking about it. I think I will start out at corner but I could play tailback as well. I don't really care as long as I get to play. I like playing tailback but I also like corner. I played corner all year this year and it's kind of boring. They hardly threw my way but when they did, I would knock down the pass so I feel confident I can play corner. I just want to play. I can't wait to get to Notre Dame and get out of high school."

Comments. Isaiah had a rough season but his spirits seem to be up. I think Isaiah just wants to put this all behind him. I am confident he did nothing wrong and happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is a great kid and should help Notre Dame in a much needed area. Top Stories