Muldoon Adds To The Tradition

The Muldoon football family tradition is rich and passionate, with a friendly inner-rivalry.

Offensive players versus defensive players.

Most of the Muldoons played along the offensive line, but the next great player in the family lineage, Pat Muldoon, is one of the most sought after defensive end recruits in the class of 2009.

"I was always more athletic than the rest of my family," the 6-foot-4, 255-pound St. Xavier High (Cincinnati, Ohio) standout joked.

"I have two brothers. One was an offensive lineman, one was a nose guard. So it was me and the nose guard versus my other brother and my dad. Offense and defense at the house."

That is until days like Thanksgiving, when Muldoon and his nose guard brother are significantly outnumbered. Besides the father who played at Ball State, his grandfather played offensive line at Louisville, and two uncles played in the trenches at Ohio State. Muldoon also has a cousin that plays fullback for the Buckeyes.

With over 30 scholarship offers from the likes of Ohio State, Penn State, and Wisconsin, Muldoon will have no problem adding another major college jersey to the family tree. He is already trying to narrow down his list of favorites, looking for what uniform and school will be the right one.

Muldoon isn't ready to make that list of around 11 lucky schools public yet.

"I'm still trying to tell schools I've eliminated them," Muldoon said.

While schools are being dropped from contention, another program appears to be joining the race. Muldoon has recently been hearing from Notre Dame.

"The linebacker coach just came up to the school on Wednesday," Muldoon said. "I've been talking to coach (Corwin) Brown about every week or so. He's been saying they want me to come out and visit them sometime, and go from there."

Muldoon has been to South Bend once. He came in for a game while he was in eighth grade. All he remembers from the trip is that the Irish played Pittsburgh.

"If they offered, I'd definitely visit," Muldoon said of Notre Dame.

"I'd definitely consider them. Just the great academics and long history there. Just their public reputation."

This past season, Muldoon helped lead St. Xavier to a state championship with 75 tackles, 12 sacks, an interception and two forced fumbles. He has a 3.8 GPA, and has a chance to visit Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio State, Michigan State, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Louisville. Every one of those programs have offered.

"I definitely want to visit a school a couple times and make sure it's a good atmosphere, and I fit in well. Just a place with good academics and where I feel comfortable." Top Stories