Sooner Or Later

Antwan Lowery knew he'd eventually hear from Notre Dame. The rest of the college football world had already found him, so the 6-foot-4, 315-pound four-star defensive tackle from Miami, Fla., just figured it was a matter of time.

The time came two weeks ago.

"They started sending me letters and emails," Antwan Lowery said. "I knew they were going to contact me sooner or later."

Notre Dame has been a strong presence ever since. Defensive coordinator Corwin Brown was recently by Christopher Columbus High to see one of Lowery's spring practices.

"Notre Dame came to the school the other day and they're excited about me," Lowery said. Other programs excited about Lowery are Florida, USC, Miami, Michigan and the 17 other schools that have offered. "They're looking forward to coming back and seeing me play again. That will be sometime this week."

Lowery has just about all the scholarship offers he wants. He is still hoping to get one from Georgia, South Carolina and Notre Dame.

He may not be waiting much longer for one from the Irish.

"I feel like I'm going to get an offer from Notre Dame sometime next week," Lowery said. "(Coach Brown) told me when we get back next week, we're going to sit down and watch your film and most likely offer you a scholarship."

This past fall, Lowery had 75 tackles, with 15 of those coming for loss including three sacks. Lowery also forced a fumble in helping Columbus go 12-1, with the only blemish coming to the nation's top-ranked team, Miami Northwestern in the second round of the state playoffs.

"My size first of all, and how I have good speed with my size," Lowery answered about what college recruiters tell him they like.

Lowery will play in the U.S. Army All-American game in January. That's where he intends on announcing his college verbal commitment. He currently lists Miami, Florida, Florida State, USC and Rutgers, where his brother Antonio Lowery plays linebacker, as his favorites.

"That's family up there," Lowery said of Rutgers. "He showed me the ropes of the college life, but again I want to go somewhere and experience things and not have someone babying me throughout college. I'd like to go somewhere on my own and make mistakes and learn from there."

Though Lowery has his early leaders, every program still has a chance to make an impression.

"Every school has a chance, because even though I have favorite schools, any school that has something I'm looking into for college could be a place I could go to," Lowery explained.

"I'm looking for the best fit for me. The coaching staff first of all. My position coach and what he can teach me. Environment, and a place where if I leave home, a place that feels like home so I don't get homesick."

Lowery remembers Armando Allen torching the Columbus defense as a junior in the state playoffs. He has never met Allen, but having the running back in South Bend is a plus for the Irish.

"It's always important to have someone from your hometown at any school to show you how it's different," Lowery said.

If offered, Lowery, who has a 2.7 GPA, would try and visit Notre Dame.

"They're always on TV," he said. "They always recruit down here in Miami. They have a lot of good athletes. They have a good football program, and I'd be most definitely interested in going to Notre Dame." Top Stories