Jones has 4 visits set

Illinois prospect Mike Jones has set four visits so far. He will be visiting Notre Dame on December 6th. I caught up with Mike to find out what his plans are for the recruiting season. </P>

I spoke with offensive line prospect Mike Jones last night. Mike gave me his list of visits but I must not have written down the dates right. Mike told me his is visit Notre Dame on Dec. 6th and Michigan on Dec 13th. He also told me that he is visiting Tennessee and Iowa but I had Dec. 13th written down for Iowa. So, he will be visiting those four schools, I am just not sure when. I do know he will be visiting Notre Dame on December 6th.

I asked Mike who his 5th visit would go to. "I honestly don't know. There are a lot of schools I am still considering. Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Miami, Boston College, Wisconsin and Penn State are still in there for my last visit."

I asked Mike what his plans were. "I plan to take all 5 of my visits and decide some time in January." I asked Mike if there was any chance if he found the right school that he would commit early. "There is no chance of that. I want to take all 5 of my visits."

Mike also said he doesn't have a leader or 2-3 three schools that stand out right now. "Everyone is pretty even right now. I don't really have a school or a couple that stand out. I will know after my visits."

I asked Mike what he would be looking for on his official visits. "The overall campus feel. It has to be a place I can live for the next 4-5 years. I want to have a good relationship with the coaches and the offensive line coach. I want to go to a winning program and a program that looks like they will continue to have success. I also just want to feel like I fit in with the players and students."

I asked Mike what he thought of the Notre Dame coaches recruiting him. "I have known Coach Mattison for a while. I went to Notre Dame camp as a junior and met him then. I have always liked him and I know he will put some quality defensive linemen in front of me to challenge me. Coach Mac Donnell is a good offensive line coach. He is intense and wants you pay attention to detail. He talks about technique but the most important thing is he wants you to be aggressive. Coach Willingham is just a great coach. He is very personal and really takes time to get to know a recruit. I like him a lot.

Comments. I think Mike is wide open at this point. I don't think anyone is leading and I bet his list changes daily. I do think he will take all 5 visits. I think it's a wide open race for him. Top Stories