Family Move Finds Bellamy's Calling

While growing up as a young kid in Massachusetts, Adam Bellamy was always too big to play peewee football. He channeled his athletic energy into hockey and baseball, until seventh grade when his family moved to the Cleveland, Ohio area.

"I moved here and they threw a football helmet on my head," Adam Bellamy said. "I always had a love for physical sports. This was a little bit different, and a different style, but it attracted me right away."

Now college football programs are attracted to the 6-foot-4, 280-pound Bellamy.

The three-star defensive tackle prospect from Aurora High, has 10 scholarship offers from Kansas, Michigan State, Boston College, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Indiana, Cincinnati, Ohio, Akron and Miami (Ohio). Everyone likes him as a defensive tackle with the exception of the Jayhawks, who envision Bellamy as an offensive tackle.

Bellamy prefers defense, and is also hearing from among others, Michigan, Ohio State and Notre Dame. The Irish came by the school during the current recruiting evaluation period.

"I met with coach Polian in school real quick, shook his hand and said hi to him," Bellamy began. "I talked to him over the phone. They sound real interested in me. He said they want me to come down and visit. I said I'd get to that when school is done. We only have a couple more weeks of school here, and that's when I'll be making a big chunk of visits.

"They are definitely first on my list to go visit right now."

In helping Aurora win a league title, Bellamy played offensive tackle and defensive end. He had 50 tackles, six sacks, a blocked field goal and a few fumble recoveries. Polian told Bellamy what he thought of his play.

"He was saying that from my film, he liked my explosion off the line and quickness and pursuit of the ball, and my good lateral movement down the line. Basically, he liked that I was quick for a big guy.

"He was also glad to eye me up and see me in person. I think he said he thought I'd be out of proportion, a big goofy lineman, but he said he liked what he saw. He said he was glad he could get a visual real quick. He gave me some information on a one-day camp they're having. I just told him I'd have to make a visit as soon as possible."

Bellamy reports a 3.4 GPA, and he has already scored a 25 on the ACT. He has been to Cincinnati, Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana and Ohio State.

"I want to go check out Boston College," Bellamy said. "I'll probably make another trip to Michigan State because they're asking me to. Northwestern, I've been trying to schedule a visit there, and I'll probably have to go see Vanderbilt to and check that out. I might stop by the MAC schools because they are close to here, just to not totally kick them out. Akron has been right there in the beginning, and they've been real helpful, so I'll probably go down there and say hi to the coaches."

Bellamy doesn't have any favorites, but said a Notre Dame offer would guarantee the Irish a spot in his top three or four.

"Obviously they got a good reputation for football, and academically," Bellamy said. "My one friend, he is real smart, his older sister is going there next year and he wants to get in. Obviously it's a good education and the football is top of the line there, so it's a win-win situation."

After taking a bunch of summer visits, Bellamy would like to make a verbal commitment somewhere.

"I'm definitely interested in who is on the team now, and who will be on the team when I show up, the depth chart pretty much," Bellamy explained. "Also the coaches. It always helps to have a good group of people that you know is going to be there for you that are real friendly. The education obviously, I don't want to go to some school that lets in kids that barely passed high school. Obviously from my offers, I have a couple good choices academically. I really haven't had a chance to think about distance from home. I don't know if that's going to play a role. We'll have to see." Top Stories