Carlson commits to Notre Dame

<P>Litchfield Minnesota prospect John Carlson committed to Notre Dame earlier today. I caught up with John to get some quotes on why he chose Notre Dame. </P>

"It came down to 4 schools. Notre Dame just felt like the best fit and the place I want to be." Carlson is a 6-6, 235 pound tight end who had a good season for Litchfield catching 41 passes for over 500 yards and 7 touchdowns.

I asked John what were some of the factors that made him choose Notre Dame. "It was a lot of things. The coaching staff is top notch. They have a lot of quality people on the staff and the same thing can be said about the players. Academically, I think it was a good fit for me and the campus is beautiful. It has a midwest kind of feel to it so I felt at home there."

Notre Dame has quite a few tight ends on the roster now so I asked John what Coach Willingham told him about why they needed him. "He told me that he needs some tight ends that can do it all on the field. Guys who can block and get down the field and catch passes. I don't know if I am that guy but he is giving me the opportunity to be that guy."

John also wanted to play some basketball in college. He led his high school to the state championship game last year and I asked him if he still wants to play basketball in college. "I am still undecided on that. I am going to wait until after my season and see how I am progressing. As the season goes on, I should know more about that."

John's family is very close and I asked him what role they played in his decision. "My Dad helped me out a lot with this. He helped me with the phone calls and handling the stress. Both my parents helped me sift through all the information that was available. My parents and family wanted me to make the decision that best fits me so they never tried to make my decision for me. I do think they liked Notre Dame the best but they never pushed me one way or another."

John said he is glad to have this over. He said it was a difficult decision for him and he had a hard time telling all the other coaches that he was choosing Notre Dame. Luckily for Notre Dame fans, he was able to tell Coach Willingham yes. Top Stories