Turk Tabs Irish At Number One

Ben Turk, a punter from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida has one of the strongest legs in the country. After averaging 41 yards per boot his junior season, Turk received an offer from Notre Dame last Thursday.

"I was real excited," the 6-foot, 185-pound Ben Turk said. He is the nephew of NFL punter Matt Turk. "They have a great tradition there, I like the school. Their football team's good. They had a bad season last year, but they had a good recruiting class and I think they're going to be good this year, next year, and the years to come, so I was excited about the offer."

However, before last Thursday, the solid punter had been thinking of Notre Dame, but wasn't sure if attending would ever be a possibility.

"I've always wanted to go there, and my parents want me to go there," Turk began, "but right now I'm not committed to anywhere. But I'm still thinking strongly about Notre Dame."

Turk was surprised by the offer, but went on to say Notre Dame had come to watch him try out in the past.

"They came and watched me try out, and they took a while to get back to me but I was kind of surprised. It kind of came out of the blue."

The Florida prospect's family feels strongly about where they'd like their son to attend college.

"My mom, and my dad want Notre Dame," Turk stated. "They think it's a good academic school, as well as a football school. They want me to get a good education, and I can get it there."

A possible visit in the summer, and an official visit in the fall could be in store for the punter.

"I think I'm going to try and go up there sometime this summer."

Turk hasn't decided when he will commit to a school.

"Right now I'm thinking about [committing early]. I'm not certain yet, and right now I'm talking it over with my mom and dad. I'm also going to talk it over with my coach, coach Smith, and I'm going to have to sit down and think about that."

After being offered by Cincinnati and Notre Dame, Turk still is talking with another school.

"I'm talking to Alabama right now but they haven't offered me yet."

There are a few angles the St. Thomas Aquinas punter is looking for in a school.

"The environment of the school, the tradition, how I like the football team, the coaches, and just things like that."

After the offer, Notre Dame was put on the list in a favorable position on the punter's college list.

"They're number one right now."

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