Myles Set To Dial Soon

Darren Myles has been busy with football-related activities, working out and prepping for the ACT and SAT. He uses his limited free time to rest. So college recruiters, please excuse Carver High's standout safety if he hasn't been in touch in awhile. Myles is likely still interested.

"I definitely need to start calling coaches more often," Darren Myles said. "That's something I've been lacking, so I need to do that because I know they can't call me.

"I'm not sure all the schools I'm going to call, but I know coaches will start hearing from me more often. I'm going to try and reach my potential top-15 schools."

Though Myles hasn't really begun to narrow down his plus 30 scholarship offers, Notre Dame should be expecting a call from him.

"Notre Dame, they're in my top 15," Myles said.

"The football tradition, the attitude of the coaches," he added as to reasons why. "When I talked to the coaches, I felt comfortable, and I feel like I will fit in good. I'm going to go up there this summer and visit and see how that turns out."

While Myles hasn't been working the phones, he's been gaining muscle. The 6-foot-2 Myles said he is up from 178 pounds to 187.

"Muscle Milk," he laughed

Myles hasn't been calling schools, but they were contacting and visiting him during last month's recruiting evaluation period. The Irish made Myles a top priority, using their one allotted phone call at the very beginning of the period, and they also sent defensive coordinator Corwin Brown down to visit the Atlanta, Ga. school. Since then, communication has dropped off.

At this juncture, schools contacting Myles and his father Darren Sr., who also doubles as Carver High's head coach, the most is Michigan, Rutgers, Tennessee, Purdue and lately, LSU. With that being said, seems like every school still remains an option.

"At one point we talked about knocking it down at the end of May, but without seeing schools, who do you knock down?" the elder Myles said. He played college ball for the Boilermakers. "Do you knock down a school because you haven't heard from Notre Dame in a month? What we're going to do is prioritize who we're going to visit. Notre Dame is a school we're going to visit. So is Michigan and Purdue. Maybe Clemson. There is some schools we're going to visit. To effectively evaluate a school that is recruiting you, you have to step foot on campus. The list may be trimmed by the end of the summer. It may be in the fall. we're not certain. We want to see LSU, we want to see Notre Dame, we want to see Michigan, Ohio State, West Virginia and Purdue. Those are some priority schools, and maybe Clemson like I said."

This past season, Myles helped Carver to an 11-1 record and trip to the third round of the state playoffs. He had 60 tackles, 20 pass breakups, five interceptions, three forced fumbles and five sacks. On offense, Myles used his 4.49 speed to catch 30 passes for 300 yards and five touchdowns. He also rushed 25 times for 220 yards and eight more scores.

Myles name has recently popped up as an LSU lean.

"Yes, we are from New Orleans, and he did grow up an LSU fan, but does that mean LSU is a shoe in," Darren Sr. began. "No it does not. Especially at this point.

"We have to step foot on campus and see if that's a fit for him. As a father and a coach, I'm going to make sure those things happen, and that he isn't picking a school because they won a national championship. That's not going to be the only factor. We don't want to just be a number there.

"Me as a father, I want to make sure I'm leaving him with someone that is taking care of him. That is the main priority to me as a parent, from an academic standpoint, to him developing into a man and athlete."

Myles has visited LSU before.

"Darren hasn't been to Baton Rouge since he was six years old, and I took him to watch them play Tulane and he fell asleep," Darren Sr. laughed.

Darren Jr. played that story off.

"I remember. It was me and my Dad and one of his best friends. I remember the game like it was yesterday. I think I had growing pains or something. I was sick or something." Top Stories