Fauria ready for new challenge

Incoming freshman Joseph Fauria, who is a nephew of former Patriots tight end Christian Fauria, says he's excited to come to Notre Dame, and is hoping to bring back a National Championship to South Bend with his fellow members of the 2012 class.

Joseph Fauria, a 6-foot-7 tight end from Crespi Carmelite High School in Encino, California is working on learning the Irish playbook for this upcoming fall. However, mentioning he was pretty familiar with the playbook, that will not be his ticket to seeing playing time. His workout habits, though, will most likely pay off.

"I have been working out and lifting like crazy," Fauria said. "I was playing at 255 pounds of bad weight. I lost that weight and am now a solid and stronger 240 pounds.

"I train at a gym near my house called 360, who have trained a bunch of guys that got drafted. I do all of the exercises that Notre Dame sent me and more."

Fauria says doing his job at tight end in practice will carry his work over onto the field.

"Well of course I do want to get on the field, and do the best I can to help the team. If I work hard and do my job right, there's nothing in my way."

Fauria has also been keeping in touch with Notre Dame coaches.

"Coach Polian keeps in touch. And Coach Parmalee and I go over plays here and there."

Also speaking about the recruiting process, there seemed love-hate relationship before signing his Letter of Intent.

"I'm not going to lie, the attention was well appreciated," Fauria stated. "But it got hectic with some other schools. I'm just glad that it's over and I'm going to the right school."

Now, with recruiting out of the way there's the season to look forward to. And of course, for most players there's a game they look forward to every year.

"I live in USC country, so I can't wait for that game."

Leaving for college has its pros and cons. The former Crespi Carmelite star said he will miss his family and friends.

"The hardest thing will be being away from my friends and family who mean the world to me," he said.

But there's a bright side to leaving as well.

"It's going to be a new experience, a new challenge, and a chance for me to mature and grow. The most exciting thing is playing Notre Dame football, and getting a second-to-none education."

Of course, Notre Dame fans want a National Championship every year. And one of the legacies Fauria hopes to dictate with his class is bringing a title back to Notre Dame, along with some glory.

Bringing back Notre Dame glory and most definitely a National Championship.

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