An Artist

The teacher at Gulliver Preparatory School in Miami, Fla., thought the poem she was reading was written by a famous poet. However, it turned out that it was actually written by one of her students.

Frankie Telfort wrote it.

"She couldn't believe I wrote it," the four-star linebacker/safety said. "She thought it was professionally done.

"It was a Shakespearean sonnet, iambic pentameter, with a couplet at the end. It was a love poem. At the beginning it was based like a problem, the thesis of the poem. The next stanza is the turn where I started talking about the thesis, the root that was going on with the poem. And the third stanza was the solution of the poem.

"It was about love, like me without this girl, I wouldn't be able to breath. Like a line from it was, it's impossible to be without her, no oxygen by fire."

Just like Telfort, who has 32 scholarship offers from some of the top football programs in the country, his poem is beginning to make the national rounds. Notre Dame assistant coach Bernie Parmalee has a copy.

"Actually, he told me to send the poem to him so he could show it to his wife," Telfort said with a laugh.

The 5-foot-11, 205-pound Telfort keeps in touch with Parmalee through email a couple times a week.

"Our conversations aren't too much about football," Telfort said. "He wants to know about me. It's about my studies, what I want to major in in college, and other talents that I have."

Telfort's talents go beyond the football field and poetry. He is also an artist and painter with a portfolio. He loves to cook, preparing dinner at home three or four times a week, "just to take a little of the load off my mother." Telfort says his best meal is shrimp alfredo.

Inside the Gulliver Prep locker room, Telfort doesn't know of any guys that share his passion in the arts, yet he never has to take any good-natured ribbing.

"I have one guy on my team that draws, but he draws tattoos," Telfort said. "They have to accept it because I do little stuff, like I drew my coach as a cartoon and I showed that around the locker room, and everyone thought that was funny.

"I don't think they can make fun of me, just because, they can't. I'm so good at football, just because I have a different hobby, they can't really say anything. I'm a leader on the team and they have to respect me."

The opposition has to respect Telfort as well.

Last season, his first at Gulliver Prep, Telfort had 66 tackles, four forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries in just six games. He tore a ligament in his thumb during the summer that cost him the first five games of the season.

Telfort and his 4.52 second speed in the 40-yard dash has racked up scholarship offers from the likes of USC, Florida, Florida State, Michigan and Ohio State. He hasn't begun to narrow down his offers, but the Irish have to like their position as possible finalists.

"There definitely in it," Telfort said of his favorites. "Just because it's Notre Dame. You have to have them in. It's a great school, and that's the main factor. School is the main factor for me. Them being such a great school puts them high on the list.

"I'm pretty sure that I'm going to see it with an official (visit)."

Telfort will play MIKE and WILL linebacker for Gulliver this fall. He may also get some time at running back. Where Notre Dame likes Telfort on the next level, depends on how big he is when he reports to school. It could be safety, or it could be linebacker if he comes in weighing enough.

The only trips Telfort currently has scheduled, is a four-day swing in July where he'll see Florida, Tennessee, Clemson and South Carolina.

Telfort has a 3.3 GPA and wants to be a pre-med major and go to pharmacy school afterwards. He plans on making his college decision after taking all five of his official visits. Top Stories