Family Trip

Aaron Jones has followed the career of his former NFL teammate Corwin Brown, from his days with the New York Jets, to his current job as defensive coordinator at Notre Dame.

Now Brown and the Irish coaching staff are following Jones' son. With a strong showing at Notre Dame's camp at the end of the month, safety Mike Jones could walk away with a scholarship offer.

"They want me to come up there and do some drills," Mike Jones said. The 6-foot-2 ½, 197-pound Orlando, Fla. standout already holds scholarship offers from the Wolverines, Auburn, Wake Forest, North Carolina, South Florida and Central Florida.

"When they came down, they seemed highly interested with Mike," Aaron Jones said. Brown came by Edgewater High back in May. "I don't know what they're going to do on that side of things (regarding an offer). I can't give a definite answer. I know they're interested in Mike playing ball there."

Father Jones and his wife will be putting a lot of miles on the Ford Excursion at the end of the month.

All for his children.

Besides the trip to South Bend on June 27th-28th, Jones is picking up his oldest son from summer school, and seeing some friends in Kentucky. He is dropping his daughter off at Marquette, where she'll play volleyball on a scholarship. He also has to go by Kalamazoo, Mich. In between those destinations, the family will also check out Michigan.

Jones currently lists Notre Dame and Michigan as his two early favorites. His father isn't so sure at this juncture.

"Until I interview the school, I don't know," Jones said. A first-round draft choice out of Eastern Kentucky, Jones played nine NFL seasons with the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and Miami Dolphins.

"I don't know what Notre Dame has to offer until I get up there and get a feel for the system, their plans and how they're going to get there. I've been around coaches that shoot from hip, so I'll be able to tell if they're giving it to me straight."

Considering he knows Brown well, and Charlie Weis was the offensive coordinator in New England when Jones was playing there, he expects just that from the Notre Dame staff.

"That's a plus because I do know them," Jones said. "But you know, Michigan has a great program and they've been on him pretty hard. You just have to go and listen to all the schools and see where they stand, and then the chips will fall into place."

The younger Jones gives Brown a call every other week or so.

"He just says he wants me to come up there," Jones said. As a junior, he only played in the first five games because of a separated shoulder, but still managed to post 56 tackles, eight sacks, 10 pass deflections, and four caused fumbles.

"It's a nice school," Jones continued about Notre Dame. "I like it because it's a prestigious place."

Brown and the elder Jones also talk on a regular basis, rehashing old memories.

"He came to work everyday," Jones said. "He was a hard hitter. For a guy that size, you wouldn't think he brought that much to the table. The guy was a player. Injuries didn't matter to him. He still wanted to play. He had a whole lot of heart. On top of that, he was a smart guy. You could see that. Even as a young player, you could see he wanted to learn and was always in the mix of things. You can see that's why he excelled, and is doing what he's doing now."

Perhaps in the future, Brown will be coaching his son. Top Stories