Having message board problems?

If you're having problems with Irish Eyes message boards please click on this story for possible fixes to your problem.

There is a likelihood that clearing your cache will clear up the vast majority of these issues.

Please try the following:
1. Try CTRL-F5; then retry the page

2. If no success, Clear Cache


If you are accessing from behind a corporate firewall or proxy server, it's possible that the site is being cached on the device and that locally clearing the cache will not resolve the issue. It should just be a matter of time before it decaches and we'll just have to be patient until it occurs.

If clearing cache (locally) does not resolve the problem and the issues cannot be explained with the corporate scenario described above, please send your Browser, OS, and Service Pack (if applicable) information to Mike Frank, using the 'Contact Us' link at the top of the site so he can forward the info to the network for troubleshooting.

ALSO, Please include a description of the behavior that you are experiencing so we can keep track of any outstanding issues.

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