Guilford sets visit to Notre Dame

<P>NJ star Ira Guilford is having a great season for Hoboken this year. His team is still very much in the hunt for the State Championship and Guilford has had a great season so far. He has managed to take some time out of his season to set some official visits and has set a visit to Notre Dame. </P>

Ira Guilford has had a great season so far. He has rushed for 1864 yards and 24 tds. "We have the semi-final game this weekend and then we have the State Championship. I hope we get to play in that game."

Ira has also set some visits. "I have Penn State on December 13th, Ohio State on January 10th and Notre Dame on January 17th. I will probably visit Syracuse and either Maryland or Boston College will get my last visit."

Ira is also going on an unofficial this weekend. "I'm heading to the big game this weekend. The Ohio State/Michigan game. I hope Ohio State wins." So is Ohio State still the clear leader. "Yeah, they are at this point but I plan to take my visits."

Comments. The Buckeyes remain the clear leader here. I think he will visit Notre Dame however and I think they are sitting #2 right now. Ira is a great kid and would fit in well at Notre Dame. I think Ohio State will be tough to beat however. Top Stories