Recruiting week in review.

"Get ‘em on campus." If it's not, that should be the mantra of Notre Dame recruiting. For many recruits, the experience that is the University of Notre Dame proves to be overwhelming. Everything from Touchdown Jesus to the ‘Play Like A Champion Today' sign radiates the aura of tradition.

And that tradition seems to resonate with recruit after recruit. Of course, the allure of the Irish doesn't end there. Rudy may get them on campus, but once there, they see first-hand how Notre Dame's academic benefits are more than lip service from coaches only seeking football players. And most importantly, they get to meet with the players. There may be college football programs whose rosters feature young men who are as personally impressive as Notre Dame's, but there are likely none better.

Last week Notre Dame hosted several highly ranked recruits and for at least one of them, the magic that is Notre Dame overwhelmed him. What have you been missing by not being a member of Irish Eyes?

Marlon Pollard, CB, 6-1, 160, Cajon High School, San Bernardino, CA attended the Offense-Defense Select Football Camp in Chicago. When he found out he had an extra day, he took the opportunity to arrange a spur of the moment visit to Notre Dame. One phone call to his recruiting coach Brian Polian and the visit was arranged.

"In twenty-four hours, the guy had a full agenda," laughed Pollard.

Awestruck might be the best description for Pollard during and after his visit to South Bend. The four-star cornerback found Notre Dame to be much more than he ever imagined.

"Man, it was a big eye-opener," said Pollard. "I wasn't ready. I wasn't expecting what I saw from them. While we were there, the feeling I got was legendary. It had an aura about it. We went through the locker room with all the history. Went to the cathedral. I met with some players. I met with all the coaches except coach Weis. He was in Washington D.C. I watched film with coach (Corwin) Brown, the defensive coordinator. He has some great techniques he is willing to teach me."

Pollard continued.

"Then I talked to professors about the pre-med program and what kind of courses I would have to take. I talked to one of the players that is going through the program (Leonard Gordon). I wanted to see how he juggled that. He was a great guy.

In addition to Notre Dame, Pollard holds scholarship offers from UCLA, Washington, Nebraska and Arizona State. He made a verbal commitment to UCLA in July of 2007, but the Notre Dame visit definitely opened his eyes to other possibilities.

"I'm just going to continue going through the process, but I'm leaving Notre Dame with a good feeling about the program," Pollard explained. "I was informed a lot about their school. I really didn't know that much. I knew from word of mouth, but when you're there and see it, it's a big difference."

Pollard still holds UCLA in high regard. In fact, the Bruins and Notre Dame are clearly his two favorites. However, he admits that seeing another program for a point of comparison has been beneficial.

"Every kid should go through the actual process," said Pollard. "When I made my first commitment, I was fifteen. It was a childhood dream of mine to go to UCLA. I wasn't conscious. I was fifteen. Now that I've seen another university, I have something to compare it to."

Last year, Pollard recorded 56 tackles and three interceptions while playing for Valencia High. A family move has resulted in his attending Cajon High School this year.

He would like to make a college decision before his senior year. But, if he doesn't, the Irish will get one more chance to impress Pollard before he makes that decision. He plans to take an official visit to Notre Dame for the Stanford game.

The Irish coaching staff hopes that the Notre Dame magic is in full force on September 13 when four-star receiver Shaquelle Evans visits for the Michigan game. Evans, WR, 6-2, 192, Inglewood High School, Inglewood, CA is's eight-ranked receiver. He is looking forward to checking out the atmosphere of Notre Dame for one of their big rivalry games.

"That game, that's always been a big game," said Evans. "A big rivalry game. It's just going to be a good experience and a lot of people that don't live out there in the Indiana area don't get to experience it. It's very intriguing and when I got the opportunity, I took it and ran with it."

Evans explained what he will be looking for in his first ever visit to South Bend.

"I'm looking to see if it's a college town," Evans explained. "Are the fans wild and supportive? What type of community it is. The diversity of the school. How the students act. Is it a safe environment? Things like that."

Evans junior performance has earned him a number of scholarship offers from some of the top schools in the nation. Besides Notre Dame, he holds offers from USC, UCLA, California, LSU, Michigan, Ohio State and Oklahoma just to name a few. As a junior, Evans hauled in 37 passes for 700 yards and six touchdowns.

Notre Dame special teams coach Brian Polian recruits Evans, though he also occasionally talks to wide receivers coach Rob Ianello and head coach Charlie Weis.

"He (Weis) tells me how great Notre Dame is and how the education is great and how they graduate over ninety percent of their players and a few of them even get masters degrees in four, four and a half years. He was telling me about the academics parts."

Evans and Weis also discussed football and how the Irish coaches might use him.

"He said they'll move me around to the slot, they'll have me outside, they'll use me all over the place."

Evans has been asked to play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in January and plans to announce his college decision around that time. Top Stories