Motta Talks About His ND Offer

On Monday night, Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis told Bill Motta that he liked the way his son Zeke looked and played, and things would probably progress from there.

Motta, who is the defensive coordinator at Vero Beach (Fla.) High where his son stars, was working the Irish football camp this week. Zeke Motta was a camper in South Bend for the first time, basically auditioning for an offer.

Without knowing for sure if Weis was talking about offering his boy, Motta didn't say anything.

Tuesday morning, Zeke Motta got what he came to South Bend for.

"It was after a morning session on Tuesday, that we did one-on-ones and stuff," Motta began. He is now closing in on 40 scholarship offers. "I did pretty good on my one-on-one drills, and had two picks and didn't have any completions on me. I was running around going against tight ends, running backs, and receivers, and then I played receiver once just for fun. Then after that, I spoke with coach Weis and he handed me the official offer letter.

"I was very excited. They're definitely going to be one of my top choices. I can't wait to get up there for a game."

The 6-foot-3, 210-pound Motta hasn't narrowed down his offers to a top 10 yet, but also includes Florida, Stanford, Boston College, UCLA, Clemson and Auburn as programs that are going to make the initial cut.

Motta and Weis chatted for a few minutes.

"He told me that I fit the type of player they recruit, which is a player with good character that works hard, and I fit in with those type of players. After that, he didn't want to make a big deal of handing me the offer because we were around a bunch of people, so my Dad went and grabbed it out of the cart and we left."

This past fall, Motta was named to the class 6-A First-Team All-State squad after registering 143 tackles and two sacks. With his 4.6 speed in the 40-yard dash, the hard-hitting safety also had one interception, four fumble recoveries and blocked five kicks.

Motta began working out with defensive coordinator Corwin Brown and the defensive backs at the start of camp.

"He said I should probably go work with coach (Jon) Tenuta too, and that's what I did." Motta said.

Looks like the Notre Dame staff sees Motta in a dual role in their defense.

"I got a chance to speak with coach Tenuta. He said that their base defense, which is kind of like a 5-2 I guess, has two actual inside linebackers, but when they go to a normal defense, they have an extra linebacker that is kind of like SAM backer and a safety. That's the position they see me playing."

Tenuta is a guy that Motta could see himself playing for.

"Definitely," Motta stated. "He seems like a pretty good guy. A hard-nosed guy. A straight-forward guy."

Motta arrived in South Bend on Sunday, and left on Wednesday. It was his first time on campus.

"The day we got there, it was a little rainy so I thought it was going to be like this the whole time we were there," Motta explained. "Then it cooled off and it was beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky, and the sun was shining, and it made everything else look so much better.

"We got a tour the first day. It was good. It was pretty. We saw the library with Touchdown Jesus, First Down Moses, the Golden Statue on top of the building, went around and saw two of the dorms and the South Dining Hall, and we kind of walked through the Gug center, and saw the weight room which is very impressive, and it was nice."

It was Bill Motta's first time on Notre Dame's campus as well. He played linebacker at Auburn.

"I thought it was beautiful, definitely worth the trip," he said. "Anyone that loves football should see it, and that football office is first class for sure. All the tradition that surrounds Notre Dame football was here. Definitely worth the trip. A great experience all the way around for us."

The younger Motta got a chance to meet Notre Dame commits Carlo Calabrese, Dan Fox, Tyler Stockton and Jake Golic. He intends on keeping in touch with those guys.

Motta plans on making his college commitment after taking a few official visits. Sounds like Notre Dame will be one of the destinations. Top Stories