Four Verbal Commits Back on ND's Campus

One thing head coach Charlie Weis raved about, was how close knit the recruits in Notre Dame's 2008 recruiting class were. Well, looks like the 2009 class is well on its way to forming the same bond.

Four of the Irish's nine commits were on Notre Dame's campus earlier this week, as the football program hosted one of its camps. Carlo Calabrese, Jake Golic, Tyler Stockton and Dan Fox all had a great time during their most recent visit, and talked to Irish Eyes about how it went.

Calabrese, a four-star linebacker from Verona, N.J., arrived with his folks on Sunday. He left on Tuesday.

"It was good, just seeing all the kids in my class," Calabrese began. Recruit Anthony LaLota, Stockton's prep teammate at The Hun School in Princeton, N.J. was also there. "We watched the Notre Dame football players workout, that was good."

Calabrese, who keeps in regular touch with Stockton, plans to now do so with LaLota.

"I like him. It would be good to have him on the team. He's a good guy.

"I used to talk to him sometimes, but now I'll be on him."

Calabrese didn't participate in Notre Dame's football camp, but he did play in the game called Irish Ball.

"They split people up into teams, 14 people on a team." Calabrese explained. "It's kind of like rugby.

"Tyler was playing free safety, jacking kids up," Calabrese said with a laugh. "Golic was jumping up high for jump balls. I was in the middle hitting kids. They were getting mad because they were catching it across the middle, and I'd hit them with my shoulder. They were getting up and talking trash. I was like get out of here. Are you kidding me?!"

Calabrese said he also hung out with Duval Kamara and Mike Ragone, as well as getting some one-on-one time with Charlie Weis.

"We just talked about how kids go to the NFL and that process."

Stockton, a four-star defensive tackle, arrived on Sunday with LaLota and left on Wednesday.

"It went well," he said. "I met Dan Fox. I hadn't met him before. "Me, him and Jake and Carlo hung out with the other players. It was a good time."

Stockton really had a good time playing Irish Ball.

"I had like four bat downs and one pick. I held my own. I have visions of myself playing safety at Notre Dame. I'll talk to coach (Corwin) Brown, see what he thinks, and you never know. Maybe I'll be a Tom Zbikowski at 290 pounds."

Stockton got a good laugh out of the kid who got up and challenged Calabrese during Irish Ball.

"That was funny. He was playing New Jersey football. We were playing Irish Ball but we have New Jersey kids on the team. We play different. More aggressive."

Stockton and the guys watched the Notre Dame football team play seven-on-seven.

"I liked them a lot. I can see the bond. They have good chemistry. I talked to a lot of the freshmen, and they're picking up on the plays. I liked watching it, and you could see the team is on the up rise."

"Michael Floyd made a couple nice catches that I saw. Everyone played well. The defense had a couple coverage sacks. They were covering real well."

Zeke Motta picked up an offer at Notre Dame's camp, and he spent a lot of time with the Irish verbal commits.

"I liked him a lot. Cool kid. He definitely fits in easily with the team."

What's his boy LaLota thinking as far as a decision goes?

"I don't know what he's doing right now. Probably go on a couple more visits before he makes a decision."

Before leaving town, Stockton had to make a visit of his own.

"I just invaded the bookstore, and now I have enough Notre Dame gear for the next year. I had a good time, got to meet some of the players. I watched them lift.

"A lot of the older offensive linemen, like Eric Olsen and one other lineman, they were squatting a lot. I liked the way they lift as a team."

Golic, a three-star tight end from West Hartford, Conn., came into town with his Dad on Sunday, and left on Wednesday.

"It went pretty good. Got to meet a couple of the new guys. I guess the only new guy I met was Calabrese, but it was nice to meet him.

"Sunday, me and my Dad went and hung out with (older brother) Mike and Braxston (Cave). Then we went out to dinner with Tyler, Anthony and Calabrese. Then Monday, me, Calabrese, Anthony and Tyler did one morning practice, and then we went to the Gug and played video games and laid around there. And then we watched the team practice. I watched Yeatman lift a little bit. He's mad strong. It's fun to watch him lift."

Golic also had a great time playing Irish Ball.

"Calabrese was fun to watch play. He likes to hit people even if it's two-hand touch."

And even if it makes a kid or two mad.

"Some kid tried to bow up on him," Golic laughed. "He obviously had a death wish."

Golic talked about hanging out with Motta and LaLota.

"He's a nice kid," Golic said of Motta. "He hung out with us a bunch at the Gug, and he hung out with us a lot. He seems like he really liked Notre Dame and hopefully we can get him out there."

"He is a big kid," Golic stated about LaLota. "I guess the synopsis is he likes Notre Dame a lot, but he wants to take his time and visit some other schools, so we'll have to wait and see with him."

Golic wishes he could've participated in the team's seven-on-seven.

"We just watched them practice seven-on-seven in the Loftus Center. Mike Floyd looked really good. He's definitely going to make an impact right away. Also (Kyle) Rudolph too. He's a beast."

Dan Fox, a three-star linebacker from Cleveland drove in with his father on Monday night, and left on Wednesday.

"It was a lot of fun," Fox said. "Meeting all those guys was great. I talked to them a little bit before, but I never actually met them so it was nice to meet them face to face."

"Monday, when I got there, I got to my hotel. I actually drove. It was my first time driving up to Notre Dame, not alone, my Dad was with me, but I drove. It was like three and half, three hours and 45 minutes. It wasn't that bad. I only had to make two turns. Make a right out of my drive way. Turn onto the highway. Then turn into Notre Dame."

Fox enjoyed hanging out with Motta.

"He's a nice guy. We hit it off, so hopefully we can get him soon. We were kind of pressuring him a little bit," Fox continued laughing, "all the linebackers there, with Carlo and everything. But I'm not going to make him do anything."

Fox participated in the camp on Tuesday.

"It was pretty fun. I did tight end and linebacker."

Fox was hoping to catch up with Irish players Rob Parris and John Ryan, whom both graduated from St. Ignatius High.

"I never got to hang out with them at all. I didn't want to bug them. They had workouts at six o clock in the morning. I wouldn't want to go out if I had to wake up at 5:30."

Fox ended his trip to South Bend much like Stockton did.

"I hit up the bookstore again. Made sure to get a lot more stuff." Top Stories