Brown still undecided on visits

<P>5 star corner prospect Tarell Brown's season is over. Now it's time to focus on recruiting. Brown has already been to Ohio State and Texas A&M. Does he plan to visit Notre Dame? </P>

Tarell Brown had a good senior season rushing for over 1900 yards and 34 touchdowns. He also had 50 tackles and 3 interceptions. His season ended last weekend during a state playoff game.

I asked Tarell what he plans to do now. "I have already been to Ohio State and Texas A&M. I liked both. The A&M visit was real nice. I am not sure who I am going to visit with the final three."

Brown had previously mentioned Florida State, Texas and Notre Dame as his final visits. "I am not sure on that. I am just going to talk to the coaches and get a better idea of where I will fit in. I want to make sure I will fit in at the school before I visit."

Does that mean Notre Dame is out because he had mentioned this before with Notre Dame? "I am not sure. I still like Notre Dame and I still might visit there. I just need to talk to them again and see what happens."

Comments. My guess is Notre Dame will be on the outside looking in on this. For some reason, Tarell feels he won't fit in at Notre Dame. I see ND fading each week. They have to get him to visit early to have any shot. Top Stories