Beason hopes to set visit to Notre Dame

Safety prospect John Beason has set a few visits so far. He hopes to to set a visit to Notre Dame as well. What are John's plans for recruiting? </P>

John Beason has had a great senior season so far. His team is 11-0 and he has rushed for 700 yards and 9 touchdowns. He also have 5 interceptions and 60 tackles so far. His team is still marching their way into the playoffs.

I asked John who he plans to visit. "I have a visit set with Georgia for January 10th. I have another visit set for Tennessee on January 17th. My final visits will be between, Miami, Floridia State, Florida, North Carolina State and Notre Dame."

I asked if he had an idea of who would get the final three. "Probably Florida State, Miami and Notre Dame. I am not sure about Notre Dame yet because I need to talk to one of their coaches to see when I can do that."

John became interested in Notre Dame from a strange connection. "One of my coaches is Tim Lester who used to block for "The Bus" Jerome Bettis. Coach Lester told me all about Jerome and how much he liked him. Coach said that Jerome loved his time at Notre Dame and that I should take a look at them as well as the schools I am considering so I want to take a visit there. I just need to talk to one of their coaches about it."

John said he doesn't plan to set his final visits for a few weeks. "I am in the playoffs right now and we need to finish our season strong and win the state championship. Once that is over, I will then set my final visits."

B>Comments. I hear that John needs to get a little better score before he can be admitted into Notre Dame. I also hear he is one very hot player in the south right now. I do think he will visit if he can get a score that will get him admitted into Notre Dame. Top Stories