Freakish Fiedorowicz Is One Of 2010's Best

Todd Winter has coached 17 eventual Division I football players, at various high schools across the Midwest, and he says not one of them is as good as his current tight end prospect C.J. Fiedorowicz, at Johnsburg (Ill.) High.

"That's what he keeps telling me," C.J. Fiedorowicz laughed.

That's quite a compliment, considering Winter has worked with guys like Wendell Bryant, who played defensive tackle at Wisconsin before becoming a first-round draft pick by the Arizona Cardinals back in 2002.

Winter tried to be clever when describing Fiedorowicz's game, but he kept coming back to one word.

"To be quite honest, I don't know what other word to use, he's kind of freakish," Winter said. Fiedorowicz will arguably be the best tight end recruit in the nation, in the recruiting class of 2010. "He's 6-7, 238. Usually when you see a guy that big, he can't catch and can't run. Or he can catch but can't run, or he can run but can't catch. He's the whole package. We clocked him at home in 4.58 (40-yard dash). He's also got a 34-7 vertical jump. As far as weight room numbers, he's a 335-bencher, a 295-cleaner and 475-squat."

Last fall, Fiedorowicz caught 65 passes for 1,063 yards and 14 touchdowns, and he also led his team with 73 tackles. If you're thinking he played defensive end because of his size, you'd be wrong. He was Johnsburg's middle linebacker.

"Watch me on film, and the other two guys next to me are like 5-11, 6-foot," Fiedorowicz stated.

"We can put him at defensive end, but the problem is you're only defending half the field," Winter explained. "At middle linebacker, he's covering all the field. He can do it all. He's an unbelievable long snapper. He can punt too."

At a school of around 900 students, Johnsburg went 5-4 last season, playing schools that have enrollments of two or three thousand.

A starter on the varsity as a freshman, Fiedorowicz started receiving mail that year, including a hand-written letter from UCLA.

"Once one letter came in, they all started coming in," Fiedorowicz said.

The postal department will be busy for the next year or so.

Fiedorowicz has already been selected to play in the U.S. Army All-American game, and all the top schools in the country from USC to LSU have been sending stuff. Notre Dame is one of the programs coming on hot and heavy, and Irish head coach Charlie Weis has already offered a verbal scholarship.

"The two things that have excited him the most this summer has been, number one, the day he went down there for the Notre Dame camp, and number two, being invited to the Army game," Winter said.

Fiedorowicz played in a basketball tournament at Indiana University earlier this month, where he holds a scholarship offer for both his football and basketball talents, and on the way home, he stopped by the Notre Dame campus for a one-day camp. He attended an Irish football game back in eighth grade, but this was really his first time looking around the campus.

"The school was really nice," Fiedorowicz said. "The facilities are nice, the indoor football thing they have. I liked all the coaches."

Fiedorowicz said he talked with pretty much every coach on the Irish staff, including Weis at the very end.

"I didn't see him, and right when we were getting finished, he just popped up," Fiedorowicz said.

"He said, there is no doubt they're going to offer me, but they can't offer me until September 1st. He said he's been looking at me for awhile, and he likes how I play, my speed and hands, and I just have to get a little more weight on me."

Fiedorowicz is also hearing a lot from Wisconsin and Illinois.

"I really liked Notre Dame," he stated when asked if he had any early favorites. "They're probably up there. Probably Wisconsin, maybe Illinois. I liked LSU, they're really nice. Those are my tops right now, I haven't really visited any other ones."

That will soon change, but as of the moment, Fiedorowicz doesn't really have any other visits planned, as he prepares for his junior football season.

On the hardwood, Fiedorowicz averaged 18 points and 11 rebounds last season.

"I think I'm just doing it in high school," he said of hoops. "That'd be really hard to do both and go to class. If I were to play two sports in college, it'd have to be football and baseball."

A pitcher and a centerfielder, Fiedorowicz hit .300, and also throws around 90 miles per hour, finishing up with an ERA of 3.10.

Fiedorowicz hasn't really sat down to figure out what he's going to be looking for in a college program, just saying that good coaches at a good school is the ticket.

As he gears up for his football season, Fiedorowicz is also prepping for the ACT. He is taking a tutoring class for it, an ideal that was sparked after his trip to Notre Dame's camp.

"I have to get like a 26 to get in there," Fiedorowicz said of Notre Dame. He has a 3.0 GPA. "That's pretty hard to do."

So is containing the "freakish" athlete on the football field. Top Stories