Wooden enjoys first visit

<P>Two-way star Ambrose Wooden has finished his season. His team finished 10-0 and Ambrose was a big reason for that. Wooden has set some official visits and enjoyed his first visit to Boston College. </P>

Ambrose Wooden had a great season. He totaled 2800 yards and 35 touchdowns this year. 1500 yards came on the ground and 1300 through the air. "We play in a private league so there is no playoff season. We just finish the season and that is it. I wish we had a playoff."

Ambrose visited Boston College last week. I asked him what he thought about Boston College. "It was great, I had a real good time. I felt at home with the players. They were all good people and I really enjoyed the guys that were visiting with me. Derrick Knight was really cool and Will Blackmon was my host. He was very straight-forward about the good things about Boston College and some of the bad things. It was my first visit and I am going to see quite a few places so I don't have anything to compare it to. I guess Boston College surprised me. It was a family type of atmosphere."

I asked Ambrose if BC has now become his leader. "No, not at all. I have a lot of places to see and they were my first visit. They surprised me but I don't have a leader."

Ambrose does have a few visits set up but he is not sure how sure he is about the schools and the visit dates. "I know I will visit Notre Dame on December 6th. I have Penn State on December 13th and UCLA on December 20th. I also have Stanford on January 10th. I am not sure I will take the UCLA visit because it's too far. I might change that with Maryland."

Ambrose seemed unsure about his visits so I dug a little deeper. "I know I will visit Notre Dame on December 6th and I will probably visit Stanford because I have always wanted to see the school. I am not sure I will take all my visits but I plan to."

Comments. I have always felt ND was the team to beat. Nothing has changed my opinion on that.

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