Decisions, Decisions

It was a name Notre Dame defensive line coach Jappy Oliver hadn't seen on his caller I.D. in awhile.

Last week, five-star defensive end Nick Kasa, gave the Irish assistant coach a call.

"He was kind of surprised, but I wanted to call because I heard all these rumors that I didn't like Notre Dame anymore," the 6-foot-7, 235-pound Broomfield, Colo., product explained. "I was like what the heck. I wanted to let them know I'm still interested and definitely thinking about it.

"I'm not ruling anybody out. Obviously Notre Dame is a really good school. I've been thing about that, and thinking a lot about schools."

The programs Kasa is thinking about the most is Colorado, Florida, Notre Dame, Oregon and California.

"It's really hard to decide if I want to leave here," Kasa began. "I do want to leave here, that'd be cool, but there is plusses to staying here. Education, there is a lot of things playing into my decision."

Kasa was hoping to make a verbal commitment before his senior season at Legacy High, but that obviously didn't happen. He will now take a few official visits in hopes of finally figuring this thing out.

Blocking Kasa has proved to be as tough as him making a college decision. As a junior, he had 63 tackles, 20 of those coming for loss including 8 ½ sacks. Kasa also had a fumble recovery and an interception as Legacy finished 9-3. He has been invited to play in both the U.S. Army All-American game and the U.S. Under Armour All-American Bowl. Another decision Kasa has to make.

As far as a college, Kasa has people in his life pulling him in all sorts of directions.

"It's pretty difficult because both my parents could go either way," Kasa said. "My Dad wants to move to Florida, so he's pushing Florida a lot. We used to live in Tampa. I love Florida too, but it's hot there and pretty far away.

"A ton of people want me to stay here in Colorado and play here and go to CU. Then there is always the kids that are pushing me to the place where they'll see me on TV like a Florida or somewhere prestigious."

There is also someone pushing for Notre Dame.

"My boss went to Notre Dame on a track scholarship," Kasa said.

When Kasa originally got his scholarship offer from Charlie Weis and the Irish, he thought he needed to take a few A.P. courses to become eligible. He cleared that up during his second conversation with Weis during the spring evaluation period.

"He just told me I needed four core classes this year, which I have them," Kasa said. "He is a really cool guy. Seems like a motivated guy that knows what he's talking about."

Of his five favorites, Kasa has only visited Florida and Colorado. He'd like to make it to the other three on official visits this fall.

"I want to try to," he said. "I don't know when because even though I get all these officials visits, it's hard to take them during my season because I have just one day off every week."

Before getting off the phone with Kasa, Oliver told him he'd like to hear from him at least once per week. Kasa said he's going to try.

"Just they have an awesome football team, awesome program," Kasa explained of why Notre Dame is still in the picture. "I think they struggled a bit last year, but I'm not going to nit pick that. They're coming back and the education I get there and the alumni system, I heard if you know people there you'll know everybody, and that will help if I don't make it to the NFL." Top Stories