Practice Report: 8/14

One day after completing their first day of double-sessions, the Irish were back out at the LaBar Fields for a single practice on Thursday. Notre Dame was dressed in full pads for today's practice.

The weather continues to please. Irish Eyes had a few staff members at practice. This is what they saw.

Steve Wiltfong

A scout from the Dallas Cowboys were at practice, and junior receiver Richard Jackson was not there during the 20 minutes the media is allowed in.

Duval Kamara was back in No. 18. He had been wearing No. 60 all fall camp because the staff thought he was overweight.

"A lean mean fighting machine," receivers coach Rob Ianello called Kamara. "He's back."

"What I want to know is, how do you go from 223 to 217 in one day," Weis asked. "I think you had some help."

I went the QBs and WRs over to the bags after stretching.

"Burst, Burst, high and tight" Ianello yelled. "Good jump cuts" Ianello said as the team slid around the bags.

"I'm coming for you Jimmy," Kamara said as he was catching up to starting quarterback Jimmy Clausen through this drill.

I stayed with the WRs for the next drill. The first thing they did was work on getting off the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped. They did that twice.

Then they worked on pushing off the corner who is in cover two and getting into their route. "Don't be afraid to hit them," Ianello said. "Rip through, you have to play physical. Remember to have a good stance."

The next thing the WRs did was catch the ball and run through a human gauntlet of walkons holding up pads on each side. Then they ran through the gauntlet and had to catch the ball. "Catch, explode," Ianello said. No drops in this segment.

"Now that you're wearing 18, maybe you catch a couple balls," Weis said to Kamara as he walked over to the WRs. "You've been catching the ball like a tackle."

As we were leaving, it was the four-cone drill. Grimes never seems to drop the ball in this drill.

Lorenzo Reyes

Chris Zorich was looking on again, as was a scout for the Dallas Cowboys.

Bill Lewis was also looking on.

Duval Kamara was back at number 18 today, showing that he's gotten to his weight goal. The players had fun with this and ribbed him all throughout stretching.
Sergio Brown said, "Duval's got that 1-8 back. I see you, 18."
Coach Ianello came over and said "18's back. Mean and lean."
Weis made sure his comments were heard and said, "Where'd 60 go? What I want to know is how you dropped from 224 to 217 in a day. He probably had some artificial help." Once the players heard this, I overheard some murmurs of laxatives, trying to get under his skin.

Powlus was seen doing some light footwork in between Jimmy Clausen and Kamara.

Clausen looked over at Sergio Brown and said, "talk to me, Sergio." They seem to have a friendly rivalry going on.

Weis and Haywood were talking for about 10 minutes and must've been going over some strategy.

Haywood went over and talked to the DB's as he usually does.

As the players huddled up and broke to their position drills, I walked over to see the running backs. On my way there, I saw that coach Latina made Lane Clelland do 10 up-downs for not having enough burst through the bags.

Haywood was vocal with the RB's. "Bend your knees. That's better. Better. You're starting to listen to me, 25," he said to Jonas Gray.

"Bend your knees, 33. Come on now, Robert," he said to Hughes. "It looks like we might have some energy today."

During the figure 8 drill where the players jump over someone and then roll on the ground, Haywood was making fun of Gray for not jumping high enough. "You gotta buy some hops, Jonas. Get some airtime." One of the running backs then said, "it's those big-assed calves of his."

They then went through the gauntlet. In this drill, both Allen and Gray look really well going through. Allen knows how to get low and explode through, and then high-steps with ease through the ropes.

"Eyes up, eyes up. Explode, Rob. Come one guys, let's keep the tempo," Haywood said.

Then the RB's went to work on placing their hands at the sternum, mimicking pass protection. Gray at first struggled and was over-eager. "Let them come to you, Jonas," Haywood said. Then Asaph Schwapp came in to help because he excels at the drill. "It's like in a fight, and that motherf***** is coming at you. You've gotta jab him to keep him off you," Schwapp said. It seemed to make sense and work for Gray the following time around.

Christian McCollum

Duval Kamara got back his #18 jersey today. He still took a bunch of heat though.
Raeshon McNeil: "Boy, he looks fast already."
David Bruton: "So, I take it your not waking your a** up in the morning anymore."
Weis: "Where'd 60 go? How do you go from 223 to 217? You probably had some artificial help, that's my guess."

Chris Zorich was at practice today and was taking some heat from Rob Ianello about something.

Sergio Brown is the loudest defender during stretching and most of practice. Some of the guys call him "Splergio", but it sounded like Clausen was calling him "Pacman" because of his hair.

Bruton and Grimes gave their customary handshake to start stretching.

As they team broke up into position groups after stretching, Corwin Brown must have not liked something from the first group of DBs because Lambert, McNeil, Bruton and K. McCarthy took a quick lap.

As the linebackers went through agility drills, Tenuta shouted "Knee-benders, not waist-benders, knee-benders."

Paddy Mullen must have had a good day yesterday because one of the coaches said "Paddy got to build on yesterday. You can't be a one-day show."

Tenuta told the LBs, "You got to stop the freakin' run" before they worked on a drill to fill holes.

The team calls Harrison Smith "Hayseed"

Tenuta saw something from Steven Filer in form tackling drills and told Brian Polian that it had to be fixed.

Polian took the Sams (H. Smith, S. Filer, S. Smith, Joe Vittoria) to work on getting off blocks, while Tenuta took the other LBs to work on blitz combos.

Corwin Brown put the DBs through a drill to work on jabbing the sled and catching. Top Stories