Practice Report: 8/15

The Notre Dame football team had beautiful weather to practice in on Friday afternoon. The team was in full pads on LaBar Fields.

Irish Eyes had a few staff members there. This is what they saw.

Christian McCollum

Dayne Crist seems to be friendly with the kickers as he Brandon Walker, Ryan Burkhart and Eric Maust have a routine where they jump up and bump each others backs before starting form running.

Brian Polian came over during stretching to tell Walker and Burkhart to take it easy at the beginning of practice. "No full-blown shots until I get there."

Weis watched as Parmalee worked with the tight ends on getting the heads on teh right side when blocking, but the media had to leave before Weis worked on route running.

Yeatman was back out there after missing the last couple of days. "84 is out of the tub!" someone shouted.

Trevor Robinson looks as quick as any of the offensive linemen in the agility drills. I don't know if Paul Duncan is a little banged up, but he seemed to be favoring his left leg during agility and definitely wasn't going full speed.

When the line started doing drive blocking drills, John Latina made Thomas Bemenderfer go twice at first, but later Bemenderfer earned on a complementary tap on the helmet from Latina's coaching stick as Latina said "This guy does it the best right here."

Braxston Cave had trouble driving his partner the first rep, but Latina talked about using momentum and Cave looked much better when he went again.

Steve Wiltfong

The mood was light, a lot of chatter between the players and coaches.

Rob Ianello, Ron Powlus, Jimmy Clausen and Evan Sharpley all shared a laugh during stretching. Charliew Weis made his way over to talk with Clausen and Sharpley about where he wanted them to throw the ball to the TEs on a certain route.

Last year, Clausen looked so much smaller than Sharpley. That's not the case this year. Clausen has really put on a lot of mass in a year, and from everything we're hearing, is ready to this fall.

"84 is out of the tub," Bernie Parmalee yelled as tight end Will Yeatman led the TEs and RBs through bag agilities.

"Get a burst, all the way through, you have to play with passion," offensive coordinator Mike Haywood said to the group as they did quick steps and slide steps around the bags.

"I wish my knees healed as fast as yours 34," Haywood said to Aldridge, who looked smooth on all his reps that the media was allowed to see.

I went with the RBs and they were doing their figure-8 drill where they jump over each other and land on the ball.

"When you get up, squeeze the ball, squeeze the ball in your sleep," Haywood said to Jonas Gray.

Haywood made Robert Hughes and Jonas Gray do this drill a couple times in a row b/c he didn't like the way they were holding the football.

The RBs then moved over to the gauntlet. Armando Allen has looked the smoothest through the gauntlet all camp, that I've seen, and that was the case again today.

"There ya go Do!" his fellow backs yelled after one of his good reps.

For the most part, the RBs all looked better on the gauntlet compared to a few days ago when I watched.

Lorenzo Reyes

A Redskins scout was in attendance.

During the light footwork warm-up, Mike Ragone was jogging as opposed to going through the routine. He was in full pads and practicing, but I'm guessing he could be a little sore.

Haywood made his typical stop to the DB's for a chat.

Weis went over and had a talk with the QB's saying that he was going to coach the TE's about some specific route-running technique they were going to install.

After the huddle, I watched the defense. Tenuta was throwing interceptions and the rest of the team had to pave the way for the returner. Pat Kuntz was hilarious during this, shouting mock celebrations, "YEAH, WOOOOOOO," could be heard across the field. "Way to go Maurice Crum. You're the best. Nice job 40," he said to Crum after he "picked one off."

I then watched the D line go through footwork drills. The first regular group was from left to right: Morrice Richardson, Kuntz, Ian Williams, and Kerry Neal. Williams wasn't going full speed, but still practicing.

Defensive line coach Jappy Oliver was animated. "Quick feet, men. Quick feet. For those that can't do up downs, I want to see you get some air," asking them to jump instead.

"79, hit your damn chest to the ground next time," he barked at Hafis Williams.

While watching this drill, I noticed that Ethan Johnson may have the slowest feet of the group. I'm not sure if he was banged up or not, but he was noticeably slower than the rest of the DE's.

Darius Fleming was working with the DL as well.

When Richardson got up from an up down I overheard him say, "Man my ribs are f****** bruised." I think the physical practices are starting to create some nicks and dings across the squad.

John Ryan and Emeka Nwanwo were also not full-speed.

One of the players who impressed me the most was Kapron Lewis-Moore. It looks as if he's been working hard and improving. "Come on, Kap," Justin Brown kept saying to the young freshman.

Jappy gave them a quick break to drink some water. After they gingerly jogged to the sleds, he said, "Do you guys need an invitation? Let's go and stop feeling sorry for yourselves." After this, Kerry Neal tried to push the group. It seems as though he has taken a more vocal role in the unit.

"These are everyday drills, men. Get your shoulders loose," Oliver said.

As I was walking out, I noticed Kyle Rudolph and I can't think of a way where he wouldn't find the field this year other than suffering an injury. He seems like he's ready to contribute right away. Top Stories