Practice Report: 8/16

The Notre Dame football team practiced outside on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. The players were in full pads as they were set to get it on in a scrimmage.

Irish Eyes had a few members attend during the 20 minutes of allotted media time. Here is what they saw.

Christian McCollum

Another gorgeous day at the LaBar practice fields today.

A referee crew was at practice today, an indication that today would involve some sort of scrimmage.

Steve Filer and Darius Fleming's fathers were at practice together again. Chris Zorich was also in attendance again.

The mood amongst the players was light today during stretching. Clausen and Sergio Brown always yell to each other, "Talk to me, Splurge" "Talk to me, JC"

Brown, Clausen and some other guys were talking to each other in some type of Florida slang until Sergio said "We've got the real Florida boys on this side of the ball."

I think Brown, who is from Illinois, was trying to get under the skin of Armando Allen, who is from Opa Locka. For the record, scholarship Florida defensive players are Crum, Herring, Nwankwo and Ian Williams. Offensive players from the Sunshine State include Allen, Young and Wenger.

George West was back out there, but I didn't see Anthony McDonald.

It could just be the jersey, but Kamara does look slimmer after getting #18 back.

After stretching the defense went through a pursuit drill with their nickel unit again. It appears that some freshmen are working their way onto the two-deep.

1st team: Mo Richardson, Justin Brown, Kuntz, Neal, Crum, B. Smith, Lambert, Bruton, K. McCarthy, McNeil, S. Brown.

2nd team: Ian Williams, Ethan Johnson, Ryan, Darius Fleming, H. Smith, S. Smith, Mike Anello, Gray, Blanton, Herring, Gaines.

When the defense split up for position groups, the defensive line worked staying low, hitting the sled while the linebackers worked on their angles and DB's worked on agility.

The DB's also worked on angle tackling. It's been said before, but the leadership in the secondary this year should really help the defense. You can just see how much trust Corwin Brown has in guys like Bruton, McCarthy and Lambert.

The linebackers worked on catching the ball after their angles. As a group, the linebackers have seem to have good hands as very few balls hit the ground even with Tenuta intentionally throwing bad balls.

Lorenzo Reyes

It was a hot and sunny day at LaBar fields for practice. A refereeing crew was on hand, and there was going to be a scrimmage.

After light footwork drills, when the players line up to stretch, George West and Terrail Lambert pause to bow to each other like martial artists before a match. David Grimes and David Bruton high five each other similar to the way in which Smardzija and Stovall would in '05.

The mood was lively and animated. "Talk to me, JC," Sergio Brown said to Jimmy Clausen. "Talk to me, Splergio," he replied. Brown always seems to be talking and joking around during the stretch.

Weis talked with Ianello breifly. Then Ianello went to speak with Duval Kamara. "We've got no problem dusting that number off and bringing it back," Weis said referring to Kamara's #60.

Weis went over and shared a quick laugh with Tenuta.

Weis had a 10-minute meeting with the officials to outline the rules for the scrimmage. "Whether you call it or not, if somebody does something to piss me off to the quarterbacks, I'm going to call it a 15-yard penalty."

The offense worked on getting out of their breaks. Armando Allen was running with the first team and Robert Hughes was with the second.

I watched the WR's afterwards and West was in pads and practicing, but not getting contact.

"Get down Michael. More body lean," Ianello said to Michael Floyd.

"Quick, quick, quick, quick. Explode on through," Ianello said.

"Get back, Deion. You've got to finish and explode on through," Ianello said to Deion Walker when he didn't finish a drill. Another time, Walker had a drop after being hit by the receivers who had cushions and had to go again. "Get through there, Deion. These guys aren't going to make your life easy," Ianello said.

They then made cuts around the cones. "Quick turns. Arms tight, get your hips down and burst through," Ianello said.

Then they worked on catching 5-yard outs, quick hitches and short slants. Grimes and Kamara are the two most solid among the group, though the young guys have really been pushing them.

Ianello coached them about facing up and showing the QB their numbers to give them a target as we had to leave.

Steve Wiltfong

The ND football team practiced outdoors in full pads on Saturday, as they were set for a team scrimmage.

Officials were fully dressed and ready to go when I walked in to practice. I caught a little bit of the exchange between them and Irish head coach Charlie Weis.

"I don't know about these Boston College guys for the opener," Weis joked.

He later said, "Everybody is going to be live but the quarterback. We're going to let him throw the ball."

And later. "Live take em to the ground, the whole thing."

There is definitely going to be some depth-chart jockeying after this scrimmage.

Speaking of depth chart, the offense was lining up and doing a drill where they run downfield with the ball carrier, and freshman Trevor Robinson was running with the first unit in Chris Stewart's place. Stewart was at practice and fully dressed, but he wasn't participating in the o-line drills I walked by later as well. Stewart is dinged up with a concussion.

I watched the TEs today. They were working on getting off the line of scrimmage and getting into their blocks. First, this group is young, but they look the part. This group can run, catch and block. They're men out there. Luke Schmidt was with the TEs today.

"Get those legs going," tight ends coach Bernie Parmalee instructed his guys. "Hand placement. Bring everything with you."

On the way out, I watched the WRs run a quick slant and catch the ball. No drops that I saw including a nifty grab by David Grimes on a ball behind him. Top Stories