Practice Report: 8/18

Another beautiful day at LaBar practice fields for the Notre Dame football team. The Irish were out at LaBar for an afternoon session on their 11th day of practice. Members of IrishEyes were also in attendance and this is some of what was observed.

Mike Frank

We're now getting to the point where everything we see will be the same. It doesn't make for very interesting viewing as it's the same thing every day.

I was over by the D-line again. I think that position is going to be very key this year. One thing I did notice is while Jappy is coaching them very hard, they're having a lot of fun out there, and that isn't something we've seen for awhile. Lots of good-spirited competition. They had the rings out again and were racing and competing.

Kuntz kept up with Darius Fleming and Kerry Neal. They were talking smack. Kuntz said "add 40 more pounds and see how you do." Which is pretty true.

Hafis had to go again because Jappy thought he was moving too slow.

Ethan Johnson and Kapron Lewis-Moore went together and it was dead even. I don't think Ethan is the 280 people said, and I think Kapron is bigger than he's listed at. He's going to be a big guy when all is said and done, and Kapron is pretty athletic.

I then ventured over to the DBs. Corwin had them on a tackling and strip drill.

The offensive guy would try to "juke" the defender while the defender would try to tackle and strip the ball.

A good number of them didn't do a good job with it. As Brown said "if you stop moving your feet you're dead," which is what a good number of them were doing. Kyle McCarthy did a great job with this and almost got a strip twice.

That was about it though. Not much else exciting out there today.

Christian McCollum

Senior left tackle Paul Duncan remains limited by an apparent leg injury while freshman tight end Joseph Fauria also went through form running drills gingerly. Junior right guard Chris Stewart, who is recovering from a head injury, was hitting the sled hard and appeared to be a full go during the 20 minutes that the media was allowed to view. Senior tight end Will Yeatman is another guy who was limited the last few days, but was not visibly limited in the 20 minutes.

I did not see junior receiver Robby Parris or freshman linebacker Anthony McDonald at practice.

There were scouts in attendance from the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, San Francisco 49ers and Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins scout seemed to be well acquainted with Charlie Weis and Corwin Brown, who also have strong AFC East ties. The scout from Miami was chatting with Brown while the team stretched and later stood next to Weis and talked as they observed the defensive backs going through agility drills.

Sophomore linebacker Brian Smith and tight ends coach Bernie Parmalee were kidding around during stretching after Parmalee sang a song that got stuck in Smith's head. Smith quickly forgot about that song though and went on rapping and singing R&B with his stretching partner senior defensive Justin Brown, much to Corwin Brown's displeasure. "You sound awful. That's terrible, man," Brown said as the team broke from stretching.

The defense went through pursuit drills with a base look that featured Terrail Lambert, Kyle McCarthy, David Bruton, Raeshon McNeil, Harrison Smith, Maurice Crum, Brian Smith, Morrice Richardson, Pat Kuntz, Justin Brown and John Ryan. Kerry Neal and Sergio Brown ran with the second group along with freshmen Robert Blanton and Ethan Johnson.

The second time through the defense was changed to nickel and Sergio Brown replaced Harrison Smith in the first group.

Jappy Oliver put the defensive line through a drill where they would have to watch the ball and fire out and run around a circle. Oliver split the linemen into two groups would have each race each other to create competition. Oliver did not like freshman Hafis Williams' effort during one rep and made him go again versus a walk-on, who Williams beat.

Offensively, the running backs went through their figure eight drill where three backs take turns jumping over and rolling under each other to work on ball security. The receivers worked on getting their releases off the line of scrimmage while the tight ends caught balls before working on their initial steps for run blocking. Parmalee seemed pleased with the group saying to Yeatman, "I like that. I like that physicality." Kyle Rudolph drove Parmalee and his pad backward he said, "Good. Good, give coach a workout." To Luke Schmidt he said, "Good drive angle."

The quarterbacks usually don't do much other than working on their drops and playing short toss while the media is in attendance.

The offensive linemen broke up in two groups with some hitting the sled while the others worked on down blocking against a dummy.

Ianello put the wide receivers through the four corners drill that works on making cuts and catching the ball repeatedly. You can just about see how comfortable the freshmen receivers are becoming. John Goodman looks faster than he did at the start, Deion Walker is flashing the same smoothness that he did as a prep player and Michael Floyd just does everything with an uncanny amount of aggression for a wideout. Top Stories