Practice Report: 8/19

It was a hot day at the LaBar practice fields as the Notre Dame football team was in full pads for double-sessions on their 12th day of fall camp. The media was allowed to view the first 20 minutes of the morning practice, but the afternoon session is closed.

Former Irish great Reggie Brooks was in attendance as were scouts from the San Francisco 49ers, Houston Texans and Detroit Lions.

Jimmy Clausen and Sergio Brown went through their usual, "Talk to me JC," "Talk to me Splurge" routine as they stretched. Later Ron Powlus came over to kid Clausen and Evan Sharpley about how blessed they were.

"You've got a gated-community, with a workout facility," Powlus said. Clausen piped right in to add, "With full pads." But Powlus wouldn't let up and kept coming by, "Catered meals, catered lunches, private transportation. It's a resort."

Wide receiver Robby Parris was back at practice this morning after missing yesterday's session. Still out is freshman linebacker Anthony McDonald, who reportedly has a hamstring injury. Freshman tight end Joseph Fauria is still hobbled with an apparent leg injury.

As Fauria was going running through agility drills with tight ends and running backs, offensive coordinator Mike Haywood said, "Come on, Joe. Fight through it, Joe." Fullback Asaph Schwapp also seems to be limited by a leg injury as he did run over any bags, instead just sprinting the 10 yards.

As the running backs and tight ends went through agility drills with bags, the quarterbacks did the same with the receivers and the offensive line did too. Offensive line coach John Latina said yesterday that Paul Duncan's leg injury had little impact on his battle with Michael Turkovich to earn the starting spot at left tackle, but it's clear that Duncan is very limited.

The tight ends worked on firing out of their stances and getting their heads on the correct side for blocking. John Latina worked with half of the offensive line on staying low and driving. Some comments from Latina: "Need work 70 (Matt Romine). Need more power 70." "Better Andrew (Nuss). Hey Andrew, everyday I see a little bit better." "How's it feel 67?" To which center Thomas Bemenderfer replied, "Great." Latina: "I love to hear that."

The wide receivers worked on the four cones drills again.

The entire defense went through agility drills with bags as well, sliding while reaching down to touch the bags. When the defense broke up into position groups linebackers Kerry Neal and Darius Fleming went with the defensive line to work on feet drills. Freshman defensive lineman Sean Cwynar appears to have some injury because he was not going through all of the drills before a trainer came over and said, "You can do that 98."

Safety Ray Herring and cornerbacks Gary Gray and Jamoris Slaughter must have done something that Corwin Brown did not like because the three defensive backs came jogging past the defensive line as they completed a lap.

The defensive backs went through their normal back pedal and catching drills before working on open field tackling with corners and safeties converging on the ball carrier. The linebackers worked on form tackling. John Tenuta could be heard shouting, "See what you hit." Top Stories