Practice Report: 8/20

It was a hot day at the LaBar practice fields as Notre Dame went out in full pads for its 13th day of fall camp. There weren't any visitors like recruits or scouts during the media portion of the practice. IrishEyes was in attendance and this is what we saw.

I didn't see center Dan Wenger at practice and Football SID Brian Hardin was unsure about why. Fullback Asaph Schwapp and offensive lineman Paul Duncan remain slowed by leg injuries and neither fully participated in form running drills and instead were jogging.

The players, aside from Sergio Brown, were relatively quiet during the stretching period unlike offensive coordinator Mike Haywood, who was unusually chatty. Haywood struck up conversations with media members, including the Franks, members of the ND Sports Information Dept. and ND superfan Keith Penrod, calling Penrod "the man, the myth, the legend."

As the defense broke into their pursuit drill, the Irish again fielded their 1 nickel package which includes Terrail Lambert, Raeshon McNeil, Sergio Brown, David Bruton and Kyle McCarthy in the secondary with Mo Crum, Brian Smith and Kerry Neal (with his hand down) at linebacker and Patrick Kuntz, John Ryan and Justin Brown up front.

The second group featured RJ Blanton, Ray Herring, Jashaad Gaines, Jamoris Slaughter and Gary Gray in the defensive backfield, Harrison Smith, Steve Quinn and Darius Fleming (with his hand down) at linebacker and Ethan Johnson, Ian Williams and Morrice Richardson on the defensive line.

Charlie Weis was not pleased with the way that the second unit took the field and made them get off the field and get back on with more energy. "Not much urgency. Jappy (Oliver), what do you think? John (Tenuta) not much urgency."

While in pursuit, coaches could be hear yelling, "Don't follow your own color" and "Don't stack each other."

When the first group got back out there Weis was not happy with Crum's angle and shouted, "Hey, Mo now that you're about 50 years old, you might want to take an angle 10 yards down field."

Corwin Brown mentioned on Tuesday that his corners can play either side and they do. All members of the secondary line up on either side.

While the defense did pursuit, the offense broke up into position groups with the quarterbacks stretching and playing soft toss, the running backs and tight ends worked on agility drills with bags, the wide recivers practiced getting off the line of scrimmage and the offensive line worked on blocking.

The offensive line was practicing combination blocking schemes based on the alignments and movements of linebackers. Latina was explaining to the group where they should get their keys from. Weis came over to observe and offered a quick coaching point, but it was out of earshot.

Later, the wide receivers did the figure eight drill that we usually see the running backs do while the tight ends worked on blocking. Joseph Fauria still seems to be slowed by a leg injury, but it appears to be getting better.

Defensively, the secondary did their usual back pedal drills while the linebackers and defensive line did agility work using bags. Later, the defensive backs practiced jabbing the sled and catching the ball before working on open field tackling and stripping the ball. The linebackers went through form tackling drills. The secondary then practiced defending deep balls using the JUGS machine.

As we were leaving, the wide receivers were doing their four cones drill that works on cutting and catching. Duval Kamara was upset with himself after dropping one, while the group of freshman wideouts appear to be getting a little better everyday. Top Stories