Anastasio set for December 6th

<P>I talked with Chase Anastasio's father Mike last night for quite some time. Chase's team is still in the playoffs. Will that have an impact on when he visits Notre Dame? </P>

"They are still in the playoffs. I think they have three games to go if they play in the state championship game. Chase has been doing pretty well. We don't really keep up with the stats but I think he is averaging about a 100 yards a game and a couple of touchdowns. He usually gets an interception in the game as well."

Chase Anastasio has a few visits set already. "We are going to Notre Dame on December 6th. That might change if he has a game though. We are looking forward to the visit very much. Coach Diedrick is coming here next week for an in-home visit. He is a real nice guy and we like him a lot. I am very happy for all the coaches at Notre Dame. They have been doing a great job. Chase also has a visit scheduled for Stanford on January 10th."

I asked Mike if he thought Chase would take all his visits. "I am not sure. He may just go to Notre Dame and decide that is where he wants to go. I think he wants to see some other schools before he makes his decision though. I hope it's over before Christmas but it's up to him.

Comments. I think Notre Dame looks very good with Chase. I think Virginia will be the other team in this race but I think the family is very impressed with Notre Dame, Coach Willingham and Coach Diedrick. Don't count out Virginia however. Top Stories