Practice Report: 8/26

It was hot when the Notre Dame football team took to LaBar practice fields for its third day of practice in full pads this week, but the temperatures started to lower as afternoon turned into evening. As always, IrishEyes was on the spot for your update.

No signs of defensive end Morrice Richardson or wide receiver George West, who have both been hobbled by injuries going back to last week. Again, Charlie Weis told the media on Monday that he expected Richardson to be able to go in the opener against San Diego State.

Receiver Robby Parris, who was slowed by a hamstring injury earlier in camp, was kidding wide receivers coach Rob Ianello and offensive coordinator Mike Haywood about something until Weis piped in, "Hey Rob (Ianello) tell Parris that you've got a lot quicker recovery time than he does."

Ianello agreed saying, "Than a lot of guys."

But that didn't shut up Parris who sang through the early stretching period while partner and fellow receiver Duval Kamara said, "Stop. Just stop."

Weis came by to talk X's and O's with quarterback Jimmy Clausen and backup Evan Sharpley. Quarterbacks coach Ron Powlus came over to Clausen and Sharpley to deliver new wristbands with plays on them, but one play seemed to be missing as Powlus called over a graduate assistant. Later, Powlus talked with Clausen and Sharpley about identifying linebackers and counting the number of defenders in the box.

As the team broke from stretching it went through its normal agility drills.

Corwin Brown put the defensive backs through a backpedal and break drill before they worked on getting off blocks. The defensive back would shed a block from another defensive back before hitting a tackling dummy and then recovering a fumble.

John Tenuta started the linebackers off with a footwork drill designed to help them fill holes straight ahead. Later Tenuta and the Mike, Sam and Jack linebackers practiced their routes to the backfield on different blitz combinations.

Jappy Oliver put the defensive line through a spirited agility drill where the linemen had to move left and right over bags as quickly as possible. The defensive line was the loudest of any of the position groups. Later, Will linebackers Kerry Neal, John Ryan, Darius Fleming and Kallen Wade, who at least started the practice with the defensive line, received instructions from a graduate assistant on where to line up for a particular look.

The quarterbacks went through a footwork drill where they jogged forward before turning around and backpedaling at the instruction of Powlus, all while keeping the ball in a ready position. As the quarterbacks got their arms loose later, it seems that Powlus's return to throwing the football might have been a one-day deal. After getting the opportunity to throw with the quarterbacks on Tuesday because of an odd number, the Irish had a new walk-on quarterback trying out on Wednesday, pushing the number of signal-callers out there back to six.

The running backs ran over bags and worked on their footwork and ball security with Haywood. The wide receivers practiced their starts off the ball before doing figure-eight drills and more cones to work on stopping, cutting and catching.

The tight ends did a drill where they would catch the ball and then run through a gauntlet with the rest of the tight ends whacking at the ball with pads. Later Bernie Parmalee worked with the group on individual blocking techniques.

John Latina put the offensive linemen through one-on-one blocking drills. Again, it seems that Latina has broken the group up based on which guys are more likely to see the field in 2008. In Latina's group were Sam Young, Chris Stewart, Dan Wenger, Eric Olsen, Michael Turkovich, Matt Romine, Thomas Bemenderfer, Trevor Robinson, Taylor Dever, Braxston Cave and Paul Duncan. The rest of the offensive linemen receive instructions from graduate assistant Kevin Loney. Top Stories