Practice Report: 9/3

It was another hot day at the LaBar practice fields as Notre Dame had its third practice this week in preparation for its season-opener against San Diego State on Saturday. The media was given access to the first 20 minutes and IrishEyes was there for your report.

Charlie Weis said that he wanted to use the extra week to his team's advantage and aligned with that idea the Irish were dressed in shorts, shells and helmets on Wednesday.

The Notre Dame marching band could be heard playing the fight song, but judging from the speakers placed in between the first two fields, Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi will soon drown out the band.

As the team broke from form-running to stretching Evan Sharpley and Brandon Walker discussed the merits of what constitutes a ‘high knee.'

Weis came over to ask Sharpley if he enjoyed their meeting earlier and Sharpley said it was ‘enlightening.' Apparently one of Sharpley's roommates also had a sit down with Weis, who shared a funny story from his honeymoon in Puerto Rico.

The team still looks loose and a large portion of the stretching period was dedicated to talking about the footwear and suits that would be worn on Friday, presumably for the pep rally.

Sergio Brown said that Duval Kamara was going to look ‘like a penguin,' but the wideout disagreed.

John Goodman was back after a day out with overall soreness while Barry Gallup worked out with the receivers for the second straight day.

Weis did not move around as much on Wednesday as he did on Tuesday, but he positioned himself so that he could see as much of the action as possible.

For the quarterbacks, the individual session consisted of more ‘linework' before getting their arms loose. The receivers practiced their starts, ball security and worked with the cones. The tight ends practiced ball security and blocking techniques while the offensive line worked on combination blocks.

The running backs practiced their cuts against cones and went through multiple drills to working on their hands as receivers.

The defensive line worked on getting off the line of scrimmage and using their hands against the opponents. Jon Tenuta put the linebackers through a drill to focus on their steps to the ball, form-tackling techniques, scraping and covering tight ends man-to-man. Tenuta shouted, "Better Quinny, better Quinny," to Steve Quinn in pass coverage.

The defensive backs did their usual backpedal drills before working on inside-outside tackling drills and their responsibilities in zone coverage. At one point Corwin Brown asked the media to stop rolling cameras so that he could offer a coaching tip. Top Stories