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Each week IrishEyes will offer a collection of the best sound bites from the Notre Dame players and coaches and comments from the opposing coaches and players. The first group features the best quotes of the week from Notre Dame and San Diego State. This piece will also feature Christian McCollum's game prediction.


Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis on the offense starting fast:

"I think that the whole idea is to try to score every time you have the football…There's never a time you go on the field where you're saying, ‘Well, let's go three and out and let's just go get three looks right there.' I'm not being sarcastic, I'm saying when you go out there, you're hoping every time you call a play that something positive happens."

On having to wait 287 days from the win over Stanford to Saturday's opener:

"It was a long offseason. Seemed like an eternity from when you walked off the field against Stanford until now. And I think there's a lot of guys that have put in a lot of hard work between then and now. And I think that it's time where they should go out and be able to go out and have a little fun for a change."

On the media having to wait 287 days for another Notre Dame game:

"I think that you guys are ready for a game, too, to tell you the truth. I don't think you're any different than us. I mean I understand there's a bunch of different angles you work and whether it's freshman day and work that deal or with the coaching staff and the chemistry with the defensive staff and me not calling plays and special teams. But I think we're all ready for a game. I think we all want to get into our normal, a normal routine that centers around a game. So I'm taking care of that for you. We're going to play Saturday afternoon at 3:40 against San Diego State. So we'll see if we can't get back into a normal routine."


Wide receiver David Grimes' honest answer about Weis's declaration that the offense will ‘pound it':

"As a receiver, that's something I wouldn't like to hear. But, you know, in the long run, that's just going to open up our passing game."

Grimes on ‘pound it' just being a ploy to catch San Diego State off guard:

"I hope so."

Defensive end Morrice Richardson on his health:

"I feel 100%. I feel like Superman, I can leap bounds, leap buildings, out run a bullet, whatever you want to call it. I feel great."

Running back James Aldridge on getting to face somebody else:

"It's going to be good to kind of beat up on another team now."

Aldridge on the backs' influence on play-caller Michael Haywood:

"We'll be in the meeting room and we'll say, ‘Coach do this play for the first play of the game.'"

Young on not worrying about the opponent:

"If you do what you're supposed to do you'll be in a position to make a play. Coach Latina says, especially in pass blocking, if you do your job he can't be right."

Offensive line coach John Latina on the difference between games and practices:

"If you go out there in practice and you make a mistake you try to learn from it. But in games there are no do-overs."

Latina on last year's language barrier:

"I'm not talking Italian to them. Like last year I felt like there were times when you were talking Italian to them because they didn't experience it."

Corwin Brown on the difference between facing ND's offense and San Diego State's:

"You get a receiver coming across the middle, if that's one of our teammates we're not going to pull the pin like we're going to pull it Saturday. It's a difference. The same thing with our D-line, when we get in the backfield we're not hitting Jimmy Clausen. It's a little different when that guy is in another color because we don't have to answer to anybody now."

Brown on a former Notre Dame cornerback great:

"Bobby Taylor, he was a guy that at a young age, I mean you threw the ball on Bobby Taylor it didn't matter he was going to intercept it and he was running it back and that's what I remember about that guy."

Brown on getting input from rest of defensive staff:

"It's never a deal where, ‘I want to say this, I'm thinking this, I'm going to run this and that's it.' Because I'm not an idiot."

Linebacker Brian Smith on how he knows when he is impressing Jon Tenuta:

"When he's not telling you you're messing up, you're obviously doing the right thing."

Tenuta on what he sees from San Diego State:

"Next question."


Head Coach Chuck Long plans to pull a Norman Dale:

"I grew up in Chicago in Notre Dame country and have never been to South Bend. This is exciting for me as well. I'm probably going to have to give the old Gene Hackman speech on Hoosiers and get out the tape measure and show them it's just a football field."

Long on the poise quarterback Ryan Lindley showed in his first game:

"Talking to him on the sidelines, there were moments I had to catch myself saying, 'Am I actually talking to a freshman here?' The way he was talking, he sounded like a fifth-year senior."

Long on how he graded Lindley's performance in week one:

"From the second quarter on, without the drops in the game, he was probably 80 percent throwing the ball and about 490-500 (yards) throwing. That gives you a bit of an idea."

Lindley on what the Aztecs have to do Saturday:

"What we need to do is put four quarters together like we put that second half together. I think if we do that, we can put up a lot of points and play some pretty good football."

Lindley on Jimmy Clausen:

"He is obviously a very talented kid and got a lot of experience last year as a true freshman. He's in a big time program and he was rated pretty highly out of high school, but I have a lot of confidence in our defense."

Linebacker Russell Allen on coming to Notre Dame Stadium:

"We are really excited about going out there and getting to play a football game, but this is a business trip for us and we know that going in."

Receiver Darren Mougey on coming to Notre Dame Stadium:

"When you first get to those big games, you get a little wide-eyed and start thinking, `Wow, this is big.' But as soon as we step in between the lines on the field, it all goes back to just playing football."


Notre Dame 34, San Diego State 16: The Irish don't score on their first possession, but their running game puts them on top 17-6 at halftime. Jimmy Clausen does a fine job managing the game, but it's the running game that wins this one for Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish defense impresses with its aggressive style. A late San Diego State score makes this one look closer than it really is.

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