Weis Writes Betancourt

During his school lunch hour on Wednesday afternoon, Seth Betancourt was thumbing through a stack of mail from colleges interested in hearing more from the 6-foot-6 ½, 290-pound offensive tackle out of St. Joseph's Prep in Philadelphia, Pa.

Much of the mail is the same for Seth Betancourt. Pamphlets and information about each respective school, with pictures and questionnaires.

But one letter stood out on this day for the class-of-2010 standout.

"I saw it was from Notre Dame and the address was hand-written," Betancourt stated. "I opened it up and it was a nice hand-written letter from coach (Charlie) Weis.

"He invited me to go up to all their games this season. He was just talking, that they think I'm a great fit for their program, and he identified me as one of the best players in the country.

"I wasn't expecting it. It's great, you know."

People at Betancourt's lunch table got a kick out of the mail, especially the letter from Weis.

"They started passing it around and everyone was telling everyone, and they were pretty impressed," Betancourt said.

Rutgers has been so impressed by Betancourt, that last week, they became the first college program to offer a scholarship. Besides Notre Dame, Betancourt is hearing from the likes of Michigan, Penn State, Tennessee, UCLA, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Duke and Connecticut.

Betancourt won't be able to take Weis up on his invitation to Notre Dame games this fall. He plays all his games on Saturday as well.

"I'd love to, but I won't be going to anybody's games," he laughed.

Betancourt did make it to some camps, and he attended Notre Dame's three-day camp back in June.

"I got the letter saying they wanted me to come to camp, and it was Notre Dame, a school like that with the tradition, I just wanted to see the place and see what they have to offer," Betancourt explained.

He saw pretty much everything.

"I really liked it," Betancourt said. "It was nice. It was a great trip.

"I worked with (offensive line) coach (John) Latina everyday. He's a great guy. I really liked how he was teaching, and I learned some new things for the season which has helped. I like what they have going on there.

"All around it was great. Nothing stood out more than the other. Overall it was a great experience and a great time."

Betancourt earned the starting right tackle position last season, playing on the other side of the line from Penn State verbal commit Mark Arcidiacono, who has a Notre Dame offer. The two helped the team go 10-3 and reach the championship game of the Catholic League Red Division.

"They say they like my relentlessness with run blocking," Betancourt said of what college recruiters tell him. "They say I never give up on a block. They say my footwork is really good and I'm fast for my size."

Betancourt doesn't have any college favorites, and is hoping to hear from everybody at this juncture.

"I want to win," Betancourt stated. "I want to go to a school where I know I have a chance to win a bowl game or a National Championship, that'd be amazing.

"I don't want to go too far away. My family is really tight. I'd like my parents to be able to come to my games, but whatever happens, happens.

"I want to go to a program where I'd get the most out of it, be the best player I can be. I want to be able to play too. I don't want go to a place where I wont play until my senior year."

Betancourt reports a 2.6 GPA.

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