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Each week IrishEyes will offer a collection of the best sound bites from the Notre Dame players and coaches and comments from the opposing coaches and players. This week features the best quotes of the week from Notre Dame and Michigan. This piece will also feature Christian McCollum's game prediction.


Charlie Weis on showing respect to opponents:

"I think that there isn't a time that I go into a game against an opponent where I don't feel that I'm respectful to the team we're going against."

On seeing the media/fan reaction:

"First of all, I didn't read the paper, so that's a good way of starting. That's an honest answer. I didn't."

On team's play in fourth quarter:

"If you pick up from the play between the two safeties, (Kyle) McCarthy and Bruton, and you just watch that play until the end of the game, I don't know if there was one bad play. I don't remember it. But there probably was but I'm talking offense, defense and special teams. So for almost an entire quarter every play was good or close to every play was good."

On Mike Anello's performance on special teams:

"People look at him and don't realize how fast he really runs, and he does it every game. They look at -- especially on punt, they look at (David) Bruton on one side and they look at Anello on the other side, and they say, well, we're going to give attention to one; let's go over to that 27 side, let's not worry about that guy on the other side, both on kickoff and punt. I mean, if he isn't making a play, he's getting held. I mean, he's pesky."

On Anello, Mike Ragone, Lane Clelland's wrestling backgrounds:

"You have to be a sicko to wrestle anyway. And I think that it kind of helps in your development as a football player."

On Tyrone Willingham doing reps of 38 after a 38-0 Michigan loss:

"Two years in a row they've whooped us pretty good. So we'd be in the 70s. We'd be doing a lot more than 38."

On collecting off of 1988 National Championship Team:

"I probably had some friendly agreements with a few of my friends at the time that I ended up on the long end instead of the short end. But other than that, that was a ways to go. I had a different stage of my life and different issues at the time."

On whether the Irish will be relying on their defense this season:

"I think that this will be a very good test being able to answer some of those questions…I know they're stout on defense. I think that we'll be able to know a lot more about where we are after this game is over."

On whether he would prefer to win or improve:

"Always win. I'll pick win every time. So if we come in and we win by one point, you want to tell me how bad the win is versus us not turning the ball over and us losing, guess what? I'll take the win every time. 100 out of 100."

On when Lou Holtz will meet with the squad:

"I'm not sure I have his itinerary at this point, but I know one thing, as soon as I get my hands on him I will make sure I utilize him."


Offensive coordinator Michael Haywood on Michigan rivalry vs. USC:

"I'll just say this, there's a lot more respect between the two teams between the University of Michigan and the University of Notre Dame. That's the best way to say it."

Haywood on Armando Allen's hit last week:

"I joked him about when we had a victory dinner. I joked him, I said, ‘I'll tell you the next time you make sure you see that safety.' He said, ‘I did see him I just couldn't get through the inside number.' I said, ‘The next time you'll get to the inside number.' Lesson learned."

On the development of Golden Tate:

"You ever hear that phrase running around like a chicken with his head cut off? That was Golden."

Tate on if he was a chicken with his head cut off last year:


Allen on whether he has seen the replay of last week's big hit:

"Actually I haven't. Umm, by choice. I heard enough about it so I figured there was no need to see it."

Allen on what type of back he is:

"I'm a whatever the coaches give me-type back."

Jimmy Clausen on seeing the field this year:

"I think I'm seeing it pretty good. I'm just taking my time, pre-snap read, going up and seeing what coverage they're in, what the front is. I think that helps by watching a lot of tape. If you watch a lot of tape, you can see what their tendencies are in different situations. When we're in a certain formation, what they're likely going to do. I think that's helped a lot for me."

David Grimes on Clausen's demeanor in huddle at the end:

"He never panicked. He remained calm. We were still in his corner. We knew we could pull this one out. We needed Jimmy to step up, make sure that the team could fall right behind him. But he stayed calm the whole time."

Corwin Brown on how he tells him to defend the spread:

"Whoever's got the ball in their hand you go and you hit them."

Sergio Brown on where to go from last week's performance:

"You have no other way to go but up."

Kyle McCarthy on who caused the San Diego State fumble:

"I'll give Bruton the credit for it, I'm just happy that we made the play."


Rich Rodriguez on his meeting with Weis in 2007:

"It was last spring before my last season at West Virginia. We talked a little football. I didn't know him beforehand. We didn't talk a whole lot. But we talked a little bit of football, talked a little bit about the profession. Most of his career had been in the NFL, mine had been at college. So we talked about comparisons, differences between those two."

Rodriguez on Clausen:

"He's bigger, stronger. I'm sure he understands the offense better. A lot more comfortable. Any time you put a true freshman or inexperienced quarterback in for the first time, they're gonna have some growing pains. I think now he's probably obviously a lot more comfortable."

On last week's replay against Miami-Ohio that resulted in a do-over:

"We're going to try to find out about that. I didn't know there were do-overs. I know when you're playing in the backyard or something, 'Redo it.' Or you're on PlayStation, you can push that reset button. I didn't know there was such a thing in Division I-A. I'll have to get that cleared up."

On Weis' ‘Hell with Michigan' comment reaching the bulletin board:

"Might. Let y'all have a little fun with that. It was another news thing for the summer for people to talk about in the slow days of the summer."

On watching the Irish on TV as a youngster:

"Notre Dame was on, I don't know if I got it all the time. We didn't get a lot of stations down in West Virginia. My wife only got two. They watched Andy Griffith quite a bit. Her dad wouldn't let her watch Three's Company."

Steven Threet on playing at Georgia Tech with Jon Tenuta:

"I'm sure he probably runs similar things. I was able to see a lot of the blitzes, the zone blitzes, what not, that he had. So I might be a little bit more familiar with it. But we'll get through film study in preparation for this week."

Morgan Trent on Irish passing game:

"It's a great challenge for us. They've got some good receivers, which we know. They're capable of making some big plays. That's something we'll talk about all week on defense, especially in our role in the secondary, they're capable of going the distance. We definitely have to be ready."

Trent on his memories from South Bend:

"I only have one memory, and it was one of the greatest memories I have, in ‘06, going up there. We played an excellent game. I would love to keep my memories just like that one. I enjoyed going up there."

Tim Jamison on Notre Dame crowd:

"I say they rank in the top, just because it's Michigan/Notre Dame. The fans are always going to be hyped for that game. So it's gonna be pretty loud."

Columbus (IN) native Stevie Brown on his hometown friends:

"There's still a lot of people from my hometown that just love Notre Dame so they keep season tickets. I'm pretty sure I'll see a lot of them there. They say they're going to root for me, but they still want Notre Dame to win."


Notre Dame 21, Michigan 13: Jimmy Clausen throws another touchdown pass to Michael Floyd and Robert Hughes gets the Irish's first rushing touchdown of the season. The Notre Dame defense scores a touchdown and seals the game with another late turnover as the Irish win by the same score as last week, but this one is much more impressive.

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