Practice Report: 9/11

Notre Dame was out at the LaBar Practice Complex for a cool afternoon practice on Thursday. The Irish were dressed in shorts and shells for their fourth practice of the week in preparation for Michigan. The media was allowed to view the first 20 minutes and as always IrishEyes was there for your report.

There were plenty of visitors on Thursday including former Irish greats Tony Rice and Reggie Brooks along with former defensive backs coach Bill Lewis. Superfan Keith Pemrod was there with a "THWM" sign.

Charlie Weis seems to have compromised with the players a bit on the choice of music. Bon Jovi and Springsteen still own the day, but are spliced with a ‘Crank Me Up' interlude that seems to fire the players up.

Weis came over to talk X's and O's with Jimmy Clausen and eventually Ron Powlus, Michael Haywood and Rob Ianello got in the mix.

Sergio Brown displayed his athleticism by doing a backflip to get on the ground for stretching.

Offensive guard Chris Stewart was not at the portion of the practice that the media was allowed to attend. Receiver David Grimes was not at the start today either after spending the first part of Wednesday's practice stretching.

The positions broke into their usual individual drills. The quarterbacks did linework and got their arms loose. The running backs worked on agility with cones before working on mirror blocking and chip blocking techniques.

The tight ends practiced ball security and one-on-one blocking drills. The wide receivers worked on their starts and catching. One drill practiced catching the ball with one hand, Michael Floyd made this look easy, and another worked on going up in the air to get the ball.

The offensive line worked on their schemes with Trevor Robinson filling in for Stewart.

The defensive backs did backpedal drills before working on inside-out tackling and defending passes. The defensive line practiced their starts and changing directions before using their upper body against linemen. Jon Tenuta put the linebackers through more drills to work on their angles. Top Stories