Recruiting week in review.

Though Notre Dame is off to a good start with recruiting for the class of 2009, it will undoubtedly take a much better effort on the field than last year's to both keep those committed and gain commitments from the undecided. So far, so good as the Irish have started the season 2-0.

After a lackluster performance against San Diego State, Notre Dame rebounded with a resounding 35-17 win over Michigan. Hopefully, recruits have noticed and it seems they have. Last week Irish Eyes spoke with two recruits, one in the class of 2009 and one in the class of 2010. What have you been missing by not being a member of Irish Eyes?

Notre Dame had a huge amount of ground to make up in the recruitment of Davon Custis, DE, 6-5, 220, St. Francis DeSales High School, Columbus, OH. Custis's unofficial visit to South Bend for the Michigan game may have enabled the Irish to do just that.

"It was fun," Custis said. "I'll be glad to come back. I'm looking forward to an official visit."

Notre Dame impressed Custis enough for him move them into his top three along with Northwestern and Boston College.

"It was pretty amazing," Custis said of Notre Dame. "I liked watching the game. I noticed how the defense plays. I saw how if I came to Notre Dame I could play in their defense. I liked basically their philosophy for the academic parts. When I take an official visit, I want to see what the dorms are like, what the schedule of the practices are like, and just get more in depth that's all. The whole campus just seemed like a big huge family."

Custis brought his mother on his visit and she may have been even more impressed than he was.

"I can't imagine what it was like for those at home watching it on TV," Novecia Custis said. "It was live, it was totally off the hook. Very exciting. You don't see too much action like that in too many football games. It was really great."

Linebackers coach Jon Tenuta is recruiting Custis and they keep in touch every other week. He also got the opportunity to speak with Charlie Weis on his unofficial visit.

"I liked talking with him," Custis said. "He was telling me if you fit in at Notre Dame, it'd be great to go here. If you don't, he understands. He was telling me what Notre Dame was about."

Davon's mother had the final word on the trip.

"It was fantastic."

Notre Dame hopes that they can similarly impress 2010 recruit Seantrel Henderson. Henderson, OT, 6-8, 301, Cretin-Derham Hall, St. Paul, MN may end up being the number one overall recruit in the class of 2010. He hails from the same school that produced former Notre Dame player Ryan Harris and current Irish wide receiver Michael Floyd. Irish Eyes spoke with Henderson's high school head coach Mike Scanlan. Scanlan has seen his fair share of recruiters pass through the halls of Cretin-Derham, many from his cafeteria supervision post. The Irish staff has impressed him as much or more than most.

"To sit in the cafeteria and schmooze, it doesn't take too long for the community to find out that coach Weis is on campus," said Scanlan. "He has one of those Super Bowl rings that is the size of a small child's head."

Scanlan continued.

"He's always been real nice. A lot of our Christian brothers here have been life-long Notre Dame fans and he is always taking the time to talk with them and visit with them. He is real generous with his time and takes the time to say hi."

The Irish head coach offered Henderson a scholarship on September 1st, the first day that juniors could be formally offered.

"Dutifully, coach (Rob) Ianello had us call at 7:30 on Tuesday morning to have coach Weis give the offer to Seantrel personally," explained Scanlan.

Scalan would not venture a guess on where Notre Dame stood with Henderson. Having dealt with the Irish in the past, he has a good grasp on the benefits of Notre Dame.

"I think it would give him an opportunity to play on TV every Saturday," said Scanlan. "The one thing I think everyone likes, and me particularly, is they graduate their student-athletes and I don't know if a lot of high octane programs can say that. He could come out of there with a degree from a world class institution and I don't think that's lost on anyone on this end of the phone."

The Notre Dame coaching staff noticed Henderson when they were first recruiting Floyd. At the time Henderson was only a freshman.

"When they were courting Michael Floyd, we just told him we think we're sitting on a real special kid," said Scanlan. "As soon as they saw him, they fell in love with him."

Scanlan doesn't know if the family has any timetable for making a decision.

"I stay out of it," Scanlan said. "They don't need a new best friend. If they want some help, they can ask."

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