Practice Report: 9/18

It was a hot day on Thursday at the LaBar Practice Complex as Notre Dame had its fourth day of practice this week in preparation for Saturday's game at Michigan State. The Irish were dressed in shorts and shells with just one more day of practice before their first road trip. The media was allowed to view the first 20 minutes.

Former defensive backs coach Bill Lewis was in attendance. It was another full music day at practice and Pastor Troy made his appearance between every Bon Jovi and Springsteen song. The players really seem to be energized by ‘Crank Me Up', especially Sergio Brown.

David Grimes was back at practice today, as was Chris Stewart. Grimes, Stewart and fullback Asaph Schwapp don't participate in all of the form running, but this is the first week that Paul Duncan has done most of the agilities.

Charlie Weis was limping around in sweatpants and a t-shirt with that big brace on his left leg. The music makes it difficult to hear much, but Weis chatted with receivers coach Rob Ianello for a bit and Ron Powlus and Ianello spoke with Jimmy Clausen during stretching.

The music was so loud that Ianello had to chase down offensive intern Kijuan Ware to go over some of the plays on the wristbands.

Michael Haywood made a comment that his family that had been visiting from Texas in the wake of Hurricane Ike returned home this morning.

Tight ends coach Bernie Parmalee definitely has the most energy of any of the coaches on the staff and will just break into full sprints to the end zone for no reason while the team is stretching.

The team went through its typical position agility drills after stretching. The defensive backs worked on their backpedals before practicing defending passes. The linebackers practiced coming downhill and then controlling blockers and catching interceptions. The defensive line jabbed the sled before doing seat rolls. Later, Kerry Neal, John Ryan, Morrice Richardson, Kallen Wade and Darius Fleming broke from the rest of the defensive line.

The offensive line worked on their footwork over bags before practicing their combo blocks. Stewart was working with the first group as he has all week. Weis parked his cart near the offensive line for much of the first 20 minutes. The tight ends worked on ball security and catching. Freshman Joseph Fauria has a small cast on his left hand. The running backs worked against cones before practicing their catching and blocking skills.

The quarterbacks did linework before getting their arms loose. The receivers practiced ball security before working on route combinations. The first group featured Duval Kamara, Golden Tate and Michael Floyd. Ianello had to correct something that Floyd did during the first rep. Top Stories