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Each week IrishEyes offers a collection of the best sound bites from the Notre Dame players and coaches and comments from the opposing coaches and players. This week features the best quotes of the week from Notre Dame and Michigan State. This piece also includes Christian McCollum's game prediction.


On the knee injury impacting him as a coach:

"They didn't hire me for my body, they hired me for my mind."

On his mental state during Sunday's press conference:

"I'm a little slow on the pickup here today. It must be the extra Tylenols."

Tuesday, on the leg injury:

"I'm trying to as little as possible to talk about Charlie Weis and talk more about Notre Dame."

On Trevor Robinson's first appearance against Michigan:

"Most of the time you usually didn't notice him out there, which usually means something pretty good. When you don't notice him out there as an offensive lineman, that's usually a good thing, not a bad thing."

On whether Jimmy Clausen has the freedom to audible out of fouth-down calls late in games:

"No. No. That is not one of those situations where he can do that."

On whether there's something to playing on the road in the ND-MSU rivalry:

"I don't think so. I think that they beat us pretty good last year and the year before we were very fortunate to win and the year before that they got up big on us early and we came back and tied it up and they beat us in overtime."

On what would happen if he didn't see what he wanted from the team on Tuesday:

"I will."

On the Broncos going for two:

"How many times do you miss an extra point in the NFL? I mean I don't know what that stat is, but it's got to be -- what's the stat, Tom (Coyne), have you got it? But it can't be many, would you say?"

On the team's personalities:

"People say to me, ‘You guys have long hair.' I say, ‘Yeah, so does my young kid.' They have personalities. You let them have the personalities. As long as they're good kids and do the right thing, if they want to sing in the locker room, what do I care?"

On how many stories he has heard from the players' house called "The Kingdom":

"As few as possible. I try to live a sheltered life. Hey look it, I'm not trying to be babysitter of these guys. You want them to have fun, you just want them to stay out of trouble. So I think as long as I'm not having issues with Residence Life and as long as they're doing what they're supposed to be doing academically, I'd rather stay out of that one."

On staying safe on the sidelines:

"To me my damage has been done. What are you going to do wipe out the other one? I shouldn't even have said that. I shouldn't even have said that."

On whether Jimmy Clausen is a favorite target of opposing fans:

"I think he's second in line. Is he a favorite target? Absolutely. I think he's like Avis, he tries harder. He's number two, you're talking to Hertz right here."


Defensive Coordinator Corwin Brown

On needing to play physical against Michigan State:

"First of all, no matter who we play or what style we're playing, we're coming out and going to be physical. OK? So that's off the bat. That's how we're going to do it. That's how we're going to approach it."

On how going ones vs. ones during practice helps the defense:

"If I'm a corner and I get to go against Mike Floyd and Golden (Tate) and some of those guys and Jimmy's throwing the ball; that's good. If I'm a linebacker and I have to take on Ace (Asaph Schwapp) that's always good. You can use it as a measuring stick."

On Kyle McCarthy's play:

"He's a guy for the past two weeks and even toward the end of last year, he was a reliable guy. That's the biggest compliment you can get if your teammates can count on and rely upon you and what you're doing. So that's a good thing."

More on McCarthy:

"He's not Jim Thorpe, but at the same time, he'll make some plays when it is there. Like I said, I don't want to go bragging on him because I got my lunchbox back there, you know what I mean?"

On whether Brown would fit in in this style of defense:

"Yep, yep, because I would have been flying around and I'd be coming up and smacking people in the mouth and I'd be talking smack doing it. Yep, I sure would have."

Offensive Coordinator Michael Haywood

On Golden Tate:

"He's a different bird."

More on Tate:

"He's fun to watch in practice. He acts like he's going to pass out because he goes a hundred miles a minute, then the next thing you know he's running 4.4 down the field catching another ball. He comes back acting like he's about to die. Then he goes and runs his 4.4 down the field again."

On recruiting Tate:

"We were recruiting him as a running back, so he comes over and stands behind the running backs when we were going through drills. Then the next thing I notice, he's over by the wide receivers. So afterward, he comes over and meets with me and I said, ‘Golden, why were you over by the wide receivers?' ‘Because,' he said, ‘I realize I have a better chance of playing over there than over here.' So I said to Coach, ‘We might be recruiting him as a wide receiver because he's pretty smart.'"

Wide Receiver David Grimes

On why Spartan Stadium is so hostile:

"I think they allow alcohol in the stadium."

On whether Saturday is a statement game:

"I think every game is a statement game for us."

Quarterback Jimmy Clausen

On taking it one game at a time:

"Our first task was San Diego State, that's the only thing we were focused on. After we got that win, come Monday, we were focused on Michigan. That is the same thing we're doing right now. We're focused on Michigan State, and that's it."

On playing on the road:

"People are yelling and screaming at you. That gets you fired up. When you're at home, you get fired up. When you go to other places, people are yelling at you, screaming at you, saying all of these things to you and the team and stuff like that that's what gets us fired up going to away games."

Defensive lineman Pat Kuntz

On Kingdom

"The reason it's ‘Kingdom' is because there's a bunch of bugs because it's really heavily-wooded area. And the funny thing is that my roommates are all little girls when it comes to seeing spiders and stuff. Steve (Quinn) and Kyle (McCarthy) cry because they see a bat or some bugs, they start scream for me. They call Dad to come over and take care of it."

On McCarthy's role at Kingdom:

"He's more like the Mom."

On the cooking situation at Kingdom:

"I cooked breakfast for them one time, they really haven't asked me again. But I like it, so whatever. Just some bacon, egg, cheese casserole, a little pancakes with some sausage. I call it my little McGriddles, so it's pretty solid."


Head Coach Mark Dantonio

On Notre Dame playing with emotion:

"They're two games in, but it looks like they're having fun. Last year when we played them, it was not the case."

On Jimmy Clausen's improvement:

"When you're a freshman coming in, forced in that environment to play early in your career, that's tough. He played better towards the end of the year. I think he's playing with a lot of confidence right now."

On the respect of the rivalry:

"I think from the games that I've talked about that I've been involved in, there's been a mutual respect. I felt that last year. I hope we portrayed ourselves in that way."


Notre Dame 24, Michigan State 10: Touchdowns from Robert Hughes, Armando Allen and Michael Floyd lead the way for Notre Dame. Last week's win over Michigan showed that the Irish were not bad. This week's victory is going to prove that Notre Dame is actually good.

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