Practice Report: 9/23

It was a warm afternoon at the LaBar Practice Complex as Notre Dame had its second day of work this week in preparation for its game Saturday against Purdue. The Irish were dressed in full pads and the media was allowed to view the first 20 minutes. As always, IrishEyes was on the scene for your report.

The mood of the team was still loose, but not as energetic. That is not to say that the team was lethargic, but rather the players seemed to have a slightly more serious tone. Still, the overall atmosphere was loose with Ron Powlus fooling around with Jimmy Clausen during stretching and David Bruton and Terrail Lambert cracking up defensive coordinator Corwin Brown with some jokes.

After sitting out against Michigan State, receiver David Grimes was back out at practice on Tuesday and looked healthy.

Charlie Weis indicated earlier in the afternoon that Notre Dame could look for some help at tight end from players at other positions, but the media portion of practice gave us no hints as to who that may be. In fact, the tight end position looked even lighter than expected as both Will Yeatman and Luke Schmidt were not out there for the start of practice. Notre Dame Director of Football Communications Brian Hardin said that Yeatman was getting some treatment on his shoulder and that Schmidt had a headache issue, but that both would be out later.

The only scholarship tight ends at practice during the first 20 minutes were freshmen Kyle Rudolph and Joseph Fauria along with two walk-ons. Tight ends coach Bernie Parmalee was stressing that it is ‘the little things' that make a difference. The tight ends started working on ball security and then one-on-one blocking techniques. As the media was leaving, the tight ends and the quarterbacks were getting together to do some work. The quarterbacks started the practice by getting their arms loose and taking some short drops.

The running backs worked on ball security while running over bags with Mike Haywood shouting, "Get that elbow underneath," at every back through. The backs then practiced changing directions and blocking. The wide receivers worked on their starts before doing the figure-eight and four-cone drills. The offensive line started with agility drills over bags before working on staying low and firing out.

Weis stayed on the offensive field for the first 20 minutes of practice and was not using the golf cart that he rode in last week.

The defensive backs practiced getting off of blocks and making tackles. The linebackers worked on angle tackles with Jon Tenuta loving the effort he got out of Brian Smith and Maurice Crum, but told Toryan Smith, "Get your hands off your knees."

Tenuta then put the group through a drill designed to help them control pulling offensive linemen. Jappy Oliver had the defensive linemen working to use their hands and arms against the opponents.

The kickers don't kick any balls while the media is at practice, so there is nothing to report on that situation. Top Stories