Ron Powlus Transcript

Quarterbacks Coach Ron Powlus met with the media after Tuesday's practice as the team prepares to host the Purdue Boilermakers on Saturday. Irish Eyes sat in on the interview.

How do you think Jimmy has played in the first three games?

"I think he has competed well. I think our team has given great effort and everybody is working very hard to put forth a great effort and give us a chance to win the game. I think Jimmy falls in the same category as everybody else."

How hard is it to develop a chemistry between the quarterback and an individual receiver? It seems like Jimmy and Duval Kamara are just a little bit off and it's hard to tell whose fault it is.

"It takes time to develop chemistry with your receivers, there's no doubt. I've been working with the same group of guys here for awhile and it continues to get better every week. As far as off with one guy or another, I don't think that's the case. I think he's starting to feel comfortable with everybody, and I think the guys are starting to feel comfortable with him. The only way you develop that is throws together. They have and it's been going on for several weeks that they have been working together, and I think they start to get some good chemistry."

Have you preached to Jimmy about getting rid of the football because he was sacked 50+ times last year? But he really has improved in that area.

"Sure, naturally that is something that we talked about. With 58 sacks, there obviously was a lot of attention given to that. The quarterback has a lot to do with those too, but a lot of time the focus goes to other positions. But he has a lot to do with that too and I think he is helping out the team by getting rid of the football and is a little smarter with the protections and experience. All those things go together to make him a wiser football player along with the whole team being a wiser team. You do that and you cut down on bad things happening; for example, sacks. He had a lot to do with it last year and he has a lot to do with it this year."

He takes less hits too.

"Absolutely (laughing), let's be smart about it. That is very much something that we talked about in the off-season and camp. Playing against our defense has certainly helped him learn protections."

He talked about not understanding the pass protections last year. How important is that knowledge in order to avoid sacks?

"Of the utmost importance, knowing the protections, you know where you're protected and where you're not. I think last year, Jimmy got to the point where he knew it on paper pretty much, but there's a big difference between knowing it on paper and the chalkboard and on the field and having it happen live to you. It's experience; a lot of it has to do with experience. He studied it and tried to get it, but things change and defenses change and plays change and all those things go together to make it a learning process. He has shown to have a much better grasp of it this year. We knew he could throw but getting better on the college level is very mental. That's what he dedicated himself to in the off-season and he's gotten a lot better at that."

What have you seen out of him in the first three games now that he has more responsibility?

"He understands protections better (laughing). He understands protections better; he understands the flow of the game better. Going through his progressions, seeing coverage, seeing when the coverage is messing with him a little bit versus when they are really doing something, all of those things, and so much of it has to do with studying and experience and practice. So we have seen him grow in all areas. Of course, physically he is different than last year and he has grown mentally and matured a lot on the field this year."

Have you talked with him at all about more pressure being on him now that he is being so successful?

"No, our talk is about preparing to do everything we can as the quarterback position on the field and as leaders and prepare the team to get ready to win. We don't talk about that other stuff."

It's funny to watch clips of him from last year and see how thin he was.

"Yeah, in watching game film, when we played Purdue, we were watching last year's game against Purdue; it's a different looking guy. And that's a good thing, that's the way it should be. You go from one year to the next; you get better and better and play better." Top Stories