Practice Report: 9/24

Another warm afternoon at the LaBar Practice Complex as Notre Dame had its third day of work this week in preparation for its game Saturday against Purdue. The Irish were dressed in full pads and the media was allowed to view the first 20 minutes. As always, Irish Eyes was on the scene for your report.

Charlie Weis still has that big brace on his left leg, but he seems to be improving his mobility each day. Earlier in the week, he scrapped the golf cart that he was using to get around in and on Wednesday he was able to move throughout the team during the stretching period making jokes.

Ron Powlus had an extended conversation with Jimmy Clausen about what to expect and what to do against different looks that he might see against the Boilermakers. Backup quarterback Evan Sharpley jumped in a couple of times to quiz Clausen on his stuff.

Defensive coordinator Corwin Brown seemed to be in a particularly pleasant mood, telling Gary Gray, "You know you're my man 100 grand, G-squared."

Will Yeatman and Luke Schmidt were not at the start of practice for the second straight day. Director of Football Communications Brian Hardin said that Yeatman still has a shoulder injury and Schmidt was still having issues with headaches. Hardin said that they were both receiving more treatment and would be out later.

As the team broke from stretching, Clausen and the tight ends joined the offensive linemen for some run game drills. The offensive front worked at half-speed to go over the proper angles and assignments. The starting offensive line was the first group up along with Kyle Rudolph, but guards Trevor Robinson and Thomas Bemenderfer rotated in with the first group as did tight end Joseph Fauria. Matt Romine and Taylor Dever also got reps as John Latina mixed things up.

The rest of the offense went through their usual agility drills. The quarterbacks did linework and drops before getting their arms loose. The wide receivers practiced their starts, ball security and the four-cone drills. David Grimes said earlier in the day that he was 100% and he looked like it. The running backs worked over bags and then practiced delivering hits to defenders. Mike Haywood demonstrated exactly what he wanted to see on freshman Jonas Gray, who did not look fully prepared for the demonstration.

The defensive backs practiced their backpedals, angle tackling and defending the deep ball. Jon Tenuta and the linebackers worked on proper angles and proper zone coverage techniques. The defensive linemen worked on getting off the ball before doing open field tackling drills. Morrice Richardson does not look 100% healthy, but he certainly looks healthy enough to be playing. Top Stories